Initial Descent: March 12 – 18, 2017


I’m not going to ramble on this week because not only do we have some stellar music for you in the top four slots but we have plenty more in store beyond that. Oh and I’m heading out to the Atlanta Decibel Tour in a few short hours so expect some words on that in the coming days, should be epic. Stay tuned. Up first is Woe‘s incendiary Hope Attrition that basks in its ability to see the current state of affairs as they really are and calls for action instead of complacency, vicious black metal with a message. Next up, Fange return with their second full length Pourrissoir and somehow they’ve managed to retain all the nasty sludge qualities that made their debut so amazing but here they hone their song craft to a sharpened tip of extremity. Third up is legendary US death metallers Obituary with their tenth full length Obituary, and yes the band still has it after all these years and yes it will be a treat to see these guys tonight (had to throw that in there). Last but not least is Saille with their melodic yet epic black metal on Gnosis and if you’ve yet to experience this band now is as good a time as any, you won’t be disappointed. So there you have it with the top slots but there’s so much more to explore after the jump. Continue reading

Album Review: Fange – “Purge”

Fange - Purge

On debut full length Purge, France’s Fange offer up a downtuned platter of songs that pass up the jugular in favor of reaching in and destroying the soul. Instead of going strictly by the rules of doom or sludge, Fange favors a path similar to the likes of Primitive Man and Indian, a sort of death, doom, sludge hybrid. Any light available when pressing the play button is very swiftly and effectively extinguished and violently so at that. Dark, dank and devoid of any kind of emotion, Purge is an outstanding example of a band that lives to be as abrasive as possible. Continue reading