The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 23 (1.1.2018)


We, well…most of us, made it through another New Year’s Eve and I’d love to regale you with tall tales regarding last night but let’s just say I’d rather have that one back with a different set of circumstances. Anyway, here we are, freshly minting a new year where the metal slate is clean for all comers. I’m expecting big things this year out of metal and you should be too, seek out what you love and challenge your listening habits. But for now we have our playlist full of things that were in our rotation from last week. Subscribe here, grab some coffee, and head inside to have a listen. And if you do nothing else today please take a minute to call a loved one or a friend and tell them how much they mean to you, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Fleurety – “Min Tid Skal Komme”

Fleurety - Min tid skal komme cover

Norway’s black metal scene is not where you’d expect to find a lot of hidden gems. The output of their premier bands (Emperor, Mayhem, etc.) is standard knowledge for any fan of the genre. Even without their musical excellence, media has been all over the scene’s surrounding drama for a quarter of a century. Because of this, there weren’t many places to hide for bands associated with black metal at the time. But for this Throwback Thursday, we shine our light on a release that still got less praise than it deserved: Fleurety‘s Min Tid Skal Komme. Continue reading