Giveaway: Vinyl Copies of Fathers – “Fathers”

Fathers - Fathers

Denver’s post-hardcore band Fathers digitally released their self-titled debut last year via Bandcamp. Its an album that bludgeons one minute with ferocious hardcore infused metal then goes quiet and reflective with post-metal atmospherics the next. But, over the course of 40 some minutes it is a fully enveloping experience that you cannot put down. And one you’ll find yourself returning to over and over again. Not only that, the message the band conveys is an extremely important one; its a rally cry for those that have been hurt or wronged to fight back and realize they can lift themselves up. Sailor Records has announced a vinyl edition of this album set for release on March 30 and for the next two weeks we have an opportunity for two lucky winners to get their own copy. Details inside…

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Giveaway: Nula – Kenoma (EP)

Nula - Kenoma

Black Bow Records is synonymous with finding the heaviest of artists to bring on to their roster and Serbian based post sludge metal Nula is no exception. Nula started much like any band: touring locally and gaining tons of great feedback which led to a well received demo in 2015, just two short years after their formation. As of this past February the band released an EP titled Kenoma and it’s three tracks of massive sludge/doom with many moments of crushing atmosphere. The band finds a way to fill every second with mountainous riffs and soulful vocals sung in their native tongue which actually give extra bite to these three tracks. For reference points think early Down, Crowbar and a dusting of Isis with Peter Steele vocals. In other words, thick and heavy so dive in to get the details of the giveaway. Continue reading

Giveaway: Death of Kings – “Hell Comes To Life” (7″ EP)

Death of Kings - Hell Comes to Life

Atlanta Georgia based thrash metal band Death of Kings has announced their EP Hell Comes to Life which will be released March 31 via Atlanta based Boris Records and today we have a giveaway of two of these 7″ EP’s. All you have to do is share, like, retweet or whatever it is you do on social media these days and a winner will be chosen at random. Death of Kings has been around the southeastern metal scene since 2009 and have a handful of quick hitters available but also have shared the stage with several bands over the years such as Morbid Angel, Mastodon and Skeletonwitch to name a few. As someone who has seen the band in action I can say their high energy set is one that is not to be missed. The band is working on their debut full length Kneel Before None but in the meantime we have Hell Comes to Life as a neck snapping stop gap. Like it, share it, retweet it or send some snail mail on it and you might get picked as one of two winners of this sweet 7″. Dive in for a stream of “Descent Into Madness” off of the band’s 2015 demo Regicidal. Continue reading