Giveaway: Vinyl Copies of Fathers – “Fathers”

Fathers - Fathers

Denver’s post-hardcore band Fathers digitally released their self-titled debut last year via Bandcamp. Its an album that bludgeons one minute with ferocious hardcore infused metal then goes quiet and reflective with post-metal atmospherics the next. But, over the course of 40 some minutes it is a fully enveloping experience that you cannot put down. And one you’ll find yourself returning to over and over again. Not only that, the message the band conveys is an extremely important one; its a rally cry for those that have been hurt or wronged to fight back and realize they can lift themselves up. Sailor Records has announced a vinyl edition of this album set for release on March 30 and for the next two weeks we have an opportunity for two lucky winners to get their own copy. Details inside…


As stated, we will run this contest for two weeks and the rules are simple: share this post directly from our Facebook page, retweet from our Twitter page or reblog directly from this website. Simple as that and I would venture to say most of you are familiar with how notifications work on social media so if you trigger a notification on any of our sites you will be entered. Two random folks will be chosen and notified so addresses can be collected. In case you’re not familiar with the band, take a listen directly below and remedy that situation.

In case you want to skip the contest and be guaranteed a vinyl copy, preorders can be found here and on Sailor Records. For more information on Fathers visit their Facebook page.

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