Giveaway: Nula – Kenoma (EP)

Nula - Kenoma

Black Bow Records is synonymous with finding the heaviest of artists to bring on to their roster and Serbian based post sludge metal Nula is no exception. Nula started much like any band: touring locally and gaining tons of great feedback which led to a well received demo in 2015, just two short years after their formation. As of this past February the band released an EP titled Kenoma and it’s three tracks of massive sludge/doom with many moments of crushing atmosphere. The band finds a way to fill every second with mountainous riffs and soulful vocals sung in their native tongue which actually give extra bite to these three tracks. For reference points think early Down, Crowbar and a dusting of Isis with Peter Steele vocals. In other words, thick and heavy so dive in to get the details of the giveaway.


A stream of this EP is immediately below to give you an idea just in case you’re not familiar. We have three download codes to giveaway and all you have to do is comment on this post either here in the comment section, on Facebook or on Twitter and the lucky winners will be chosen at random. So go and do your social media thing and bonus points if you comment and share. HOP TO IT because this giveaway won’t last long.

Kenoma is available now on Black Bow Records. For more information on Nula visit their Facebook page.

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