CANTO: Mizmor, Kreator, Eternal Rot, and More

Well this week started off with a freaking blitz.

  • Let’s lead off with Kreator. They’re currently on tour in North America, and today they dropped a video for “Conquer and Destroy”. That, of course, is taken from their latest album, Hate Über Alles, which is available through Nuclear Blast.
  • Apparently it’s World Goth Day. So to mark the occasion we have an A.I. generated Type O Negative video for “Halloween In Heaven”. It certainly is something. Anyway, the Dead Again reissue can be acquired here, also a Nuclear Blast thing.
  • New York City progressive metal outfit Ice Age released a video for the impressive “Riverflow”. Their third album, Waves Of Loss And Power, is out through Sensory Records.
  • Eternal Rot have revealed details surrounding their third full-length. Moribound will be unveiled July 24 through Memento Mori, alongside Godz Of War Productions. Give “Desecrated Guts” a listen over at the former’s YouTube channel.
  • The most significant announcement of the day probably came from Mizmor (alright, that’s a little subjective). A new full-length titled Prosaic, and the debut through Profound Lore, will be out on July 21. Check out the clip for “No Place To Arrive” below.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Initial Descent: March 6 – 12, 2022

Another week, another set of fails…I just know it, somehow. But, no fails in the metal new release world though as we’ve got new jams from Ghost and I’m probably more excited for this than I should be but damn those initial singles swept me off my ass so yea, I’m stoked. I’m also overly stoked for new death metal from Jesus Wept and Persecutory as well as charred and speedy thrash from Bastard. However, the quality doesn’t stop there as we’ve got several more gems in the list below that you’ll definitely want to investigate. So, go do that pronto and we’ll see you here throughout the week, enjoy.

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Album Review: Bestial Warfare — “Desecrating Goat Assault”

Bestial Warfare - Desecrating Goat Assault

I don’t know about your holiday traditions, but where I come from, nothing screams “Christmas” more than a goat demon with a bottle of booze in one hand, an assault rifle in the other and Jesus’ severed head adorning his codpiece.  If you’re like me, then the new EP from Germany’s Bestial Warfare, Desecrating Goat Assault, is sure to delight and bring about those warm, cozy feelings that only a burning church really comes close to.  Is it a little on the nose?  Yeah, but at least there isn’t a shred of pretense.  You get what you pay for.

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Initial Descent: January 14 – 20, 2018

Labyrinth Entrance
Labyrinth Entrance

If you’ve been missing the weeks of double digit releases to dig into, the metal gods have shined upon you. Too bad release date didn’t come earlier in the week when those of us on the east coast were getting hammered with snow and needed a mountain of music to use as a warm blanket. But, it’s here now and leading us off is Poland’s Labyrinth Entrance with their black metal, by way of doom and heavy metal, debut Monumental Bitterness, Druid Lord offer up their horrifically eerie death / doom mixture on Grotesque Offerings, Mammüth scratch that Mastodon / COC / sludgy, stoner metal vibe on their second full length Outlander and Texas based Witchcryer gloriously throwback to the days of classic doom and heavy rock on Cry Witch. And with that, it’s been a strong start to this week’s offerings but like I said before, new albums are bountiful so hang in there. We’ve much to explore.

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Best of 2017: Greg Rosenstahl from Godz ov War Productions

Greg Rosenstahl

For those of you unaware, Godz ov War Productions is a record label from Poland that specializes in the extremely extreme side of metal. Just this year alone the label has released albums from Pig’s Blood, Persecutory, Corpse Garden and Loathfinder just to name a few. And behind every good label is a workhorse capable of vaulting insane amounts of work with bands, day to day business of said label, PR, keeping up with a store and Bandcamp page, constantly curating a social media presence and overseeing various streaming platforms. For Godz ov War this workhorse is Greg Rosenstahl and I’m convinced the man never sleeps. It’s obvious he lives, eats and breathes for the label and the bands he works with based on the results we all can easily see. Just what does someone who works in, and with, all things extreme pick for the best of 2017? Head inside to find out. Continue reading