Initial Descent: January 14 – 20, 2018

Labyrinth Entrance
Labyrinth Entrance

If you’ve been missing the weeks of double digit releases to dig into, the metal gods have shined upon you. Too bad release date didn’t come earlier in the week when those of us on the east coast were getting hammered with snow and needed a mountain of music to use as a warm blanket. But, it’s here now and leading us off is Poland’s Labyrinth Entrance with their black metal, by way of doom and heavy metal, debut Monumental Bitterness, Druid Lord offer up their horrifically eerie death / doom mixture on Grotesque Offerings, Mammüth scratch that Mastodon / COC / sludgy, stoner metal vibe on their second full length Outlander and Texas based Witchcryer gloriously throwback to the days of classic doom and heavy rock on Cry Witch. And with that, it’s been a strong start to this week’s offerings but like I said before, new albums are bountiful so hang in there. We’ve much to explore.

Labyrinth Entrance - Monumental Bitterness

Labyrinth Entrance – Monumental Bitterness (Godz ov War Productions) – black metal

Druid Lord - Grotesque Offerings

Druid Lord – Grotesque Offerings (Hells Headbangers) – doom / death [full review]

Mammüth - Outlander

Mammüth – Outlander (Negative Vibe Records) – stoner metal

Witchcryer - Cry Witch

Witchcryer – Cry Witch (Ripple Music) – doom metal

Also on tap:

A Congregation of Horns – Goat Cult, EP (Blackened Death) – war metal [feature]

Apparition – The Awakening (Wormholedeath) – melodic metal

Arkona Khram (Napalm Records) – pagan metal

Bädr Vogu – Anathema of Time, Single (PRC Music) – heavy metal

Clamfight – III (Argonauta Records) – sludge

Concrete Eden – Left (NRT Records) – metalcore / nu metal

Dark Hound – Dawning (Rampant Struggle Records) – heavy metal

Deathless Legacy – Rituals of Black Magic (Scarlet Records) – horror rock

Dustin Behm – The Beyond (Rockshots Records) – instrumental prog rock

Equinox – It’s Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin (Recordiau Prin) – post-punk

Evil Warriors – Fall from Reality (War Anthem Records) – black metal

Frost Giant – The Harlot Star (Transcending Records) – folk / heavy metal

Gnaw Bone – Scorched Earth (Auris Apothecary) – sludge

Heikki Hautala & Hyvät veljet – Rauha ja harmonia (Ektro / Future Lunch) – rock

Hyvmine – Earthquake (Seek and Strike) – progressive rock

Mile – The World in Focus (Rambo Music) – heavy metal

Nekrokraft – Witches Funeral, Comp. (The Sign Records) – death metal

Obscene – Sermon to the Snake, Digital Issue (Horror Pain Gore Death) – death metal

Ozone Mama – Cosmos Calling (Ripple Music) – fuzz / rock

Rise of Avernus – Eigengrau (code666) – death / doom

Rotting Kingdom – S/T, EP (Godz ov War Productions) – death / doom

Sonic Prophecy – Savage Gods (Rockshots Records) – heavy metal

Stillborn – Mirrormaze & Die In Torment 666, Demos Reissue (Godz ov War Productions) – black / death

Terror Universal – Make them Bleed ( minus Head Records) – horror metal

Unshine – Astrala (Rockshots Records) – folk metal

Vessel of Iniquity – S/T (Sentient Ruin / Xenoglossy Productions) – black / death

Warfist / Excidium – Laws of Perversion & Filth, Split (Godz ov War Productions) – black / thrash

Word of Life – Jahbulon (Sliptrick Records) – progressive metal

Wyrmwoods – Earth Made Flesh (Inverse Records) – atmospheric black metal

Xenosis – Devour and Birth (Independent) – technical / progressive death metal

– Josh

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