Profile: Bulgarian Death Metallers Grimaze


Bulgarian based groove / death metallers Grimaze released their debut full length, Planet Grimaze, earlier this month and, as you will read below, have been busy touring on the strength of that album. Their sound falls squarely in the middle of Roots era Sepultura and Obsolete era Fear Factory which means it has an insane amount of tribalesque rythym and groove along with a punchy industrial feel. It falls in with the more modern metal of late but tips a hat to its influences extremely well without ever sounding bland or uninspired. On top of that, their lyrics are a call to arms for positivity and change in the way we, as a society, view and see the world around us. We recently shared our Profile questions with the band so read on to see what they had to say. Continue reading

Album Review: Byzantine – “The Cicada Tree”


I understand the desire to label West Virginia’s Byzantine underdogs.  Rising up in the midsts of what I guess will be forever known as the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, they took flight alongside acts like Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, and their local brothers Lamb of God with a trio of popular albums before somewhat imploding in 2008 thanks not only to the changing scene but strife within the industry and the band itself.  You can paint that picture, and talk about being overshadowed by larger acts, but let me tell you a different story, one that ends with how The Cicada Tree, the band’s latest and first for Metal Blade, is not only tied for the best album they’ve released to date, but is an adrenaline-fueled highlight of 2017.   Continue reading

Retrospective: Lamb of God – “Sacrament”


Lamb of God. Oh, Lamb of God. If you’re going to open a conversation about one of the most well-known and well-respected groove/thrash metal groups going, where should one begin? You could fill volumes with the events contained in the band’s history and discography. From the Burn The Priest days and the subsequent reasoning behind the name change all the way through the more recent drama surrounding a certain manslaughter case in the Czech Republic, there are countless events we could define as ‘critical’ to their history. Unfortunately for all you, I don’t really have time to get into any or all of that. But what I do want to focus on is the album that projected LoG to the top of my library for a significant period of time back in the mid-2000’s. And that album would be 2006’s Sacrament. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Siderian – “Cancel Your Future” EP

CYF - Artwork

(A+ artwork we’ve got up there, isn’t it?) Generally, when something is pitched to me using the terms “-core” or “groove”, or even worse… both, I turn away. Sorry world, but it just ain’t my thing. Metalcore is whiny, groove metal is repetitive, blah blah blah. So, to cut my rant off before it gets worse, I don’t really know what it was exactly that enticed me to spin the debut EP from Siderian titled Cancel Your Future. Yet eight months after its release date, I find myself enjoying this four song EP quite a bit. Certainly defined as metalcore with some groove influences to it, Cancel Your Future is a pretty catchy, quick to entertain debut EP from a band that has certainly shown some potential right off the bat.

Continue reading

Album Review: The Bendal Interlude – “Reign of the Unblinking Eye”

The Bendal Interlude - Reign Of The Unblinking Eye

Debut full length Reign of the Unblinking Eye from The Bendal Interlude is an exercise in riffs-a-plenty done with a southern groove metal swagger. They flirt with a few different approaches throughout that don’t stray far from this formula but by and large groove reigns supreme. At first the familiarity of the sound is welcoming but this ends up being the album’s downfall as a whole. It’s just too familiar, meaning almost identical to an entire subset of metal. Continue reading