Profile: Deadwound


SW London based Deadwound are set for their debut EP, Identity Shapes, release later this week and it’s five tracks of unrelenting doom/sludge filtered through a black metal soaked rag. Pent up aggression and unbridled anger boil to the surface on tracks like “Crucifixed” and “Cruel Road” but they are just as effective on the slow paced acid burn of “Kult Warrior.” We recently featured a stream of “Witch” here and I highly suggest you check it out as it’s all you get until Friday. We recently got the chance to ask the band our series of Profile questions so read on to see what they had to say. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Deadwound – “Witch”


Black Bow Records has announced the debut EP, Identity Shapes, from SW London based Deadwound and is set for a February 17 release. The band features members of Bast and Silent Front which readily explains their black metal soaked doom/sludge set to the pace of d-beat hardcore. Ahead of the EP’s release we have an exclusive stream of “Witch,” the third track and quite possibly one of the best. Take a listen for yourself after the jump. Continue reading