Exclusive Stream: Deadwound – “Witch”


Black Bow Records has announced the debut EP, Identity Shapes, from SW London based Deadwound and is set for a February 17 release. The band features members of Bast and Silent Front which readily explains their black metal soaked doom/sludge set to the pace of d-beat hardcore. Ahead of the EP’s release we have an exclusive stream of “Witch,” the third track and quite possibly one of the best. Take a listen for yourself after the jump.


No doubt there’s a Converge feel in the more aggressive moments here, which make up a large part of this EP. But what stands out the most is the dark and negative atmosphere that looms ever-present throughout these five tracks. Rage and negativity are but two descriptors that come to mind frequently and no track serves it up better than “Witch.” The hateful sludge of Primitive Man collides with the bombastic rhythms of Conan fed through a punk distortion pedal. Indeed that’s quite a mouthful but the way Deadwound marries these styles is as cohesive as it is deadly. Get your stream on immediately below:

Deadwound features Luke Kempton (vocals), Phil Mann (guitar), Maxwell Thomas (guitar), Gavin Thomas (bass) and Gregory Allum (drums). Identity Shapes was recorded at Bear Bites Horse Studios with Wayne Adams in East London. Be sure to pick up a copy February 17 on Black Bow Records.

For more information on Deadwound visit their Facebook page.

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