The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 274 (3.11.2023)

It was one of those weeks, folks. I’ve been heading back to the office more and more, and while the morning commute music starts light and lively at the beginning of the week, but the end I was blasting old school death metal just to fight the madness of the 45 minutes to traverse 6.7 miles and the anticipation of idiots and blow hards for another 10 hours. Man, I forgot how ferocious and full of ideas the old guard was, so we’re opening up the 274th edition of the Nine Circles Playlist with a trifecta of classics from Suffocation, Pestilence, and Nocturnus. Hope it gets your weekend off to a great start.

What’s the rest of the staff listening to? Well, there’s the triumphant return of Yakuza which instantly made my list of most anticipated albums, plus cuts from JAAW, Aphotic, Ihsahn and Ritual Mortis, more old school live from the likes of Kalmah, Sacramentum, and Soilwork, not to mention cuts from Barren Heir, Pharmakon, Gridlink, and Liturgy. More surprises lurk within (like holy shit maybe I’m crazy but this new Winger song ain’t half bad…), but we’re ending with a double-shot of classic Lynyrd Skynyrd. Rest in Peace, Gary Rossington…those early albums will shine forever.

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week…


CANTO: Ihsahn, Katatonia, Heathen, and More

I feel like I got hit by a bus and my favorite Red Wings blog might be shutting down. Terrible day, and fuck Vox Media.

  • We got Ihsahn updates to share this Friday. The Fascination Street Sessions EP will be out on March 24 through Candlelight Records. Check out “Contorted Monuments” here.
  • Heathen and Arrival of Autumn are touring North America in March, starting on the 9th in Providence and wrapping up on the 26th in Philly. Here’s the full schedule.
  • Horizon Ignited released a new single titled “Carry Me”, which was previously only included on the vinyl version of Towards The Dying Lands. Give that a listen here.
  • I’m currently listening to Sky Void of Stars on vinyl as we speak, so it makes sense to celebrate the release date of Katatonia’s latest with the video for “Opaline”. Give it a watch below. As I mentioned, that album is out now through Napalm Records.

I’m sure there’s a lot more going, but I’m spent. Catch ya next week.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Lamb of God, Dream Unending, Mystic Circle, and More

Today was weird. But it’s also Friday. So I guess everything is fine!

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Nite, Extinction A.D., Ihsahn, and More


I sure do find some weird beers in the depths of my fridge.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 217 (2.5.2022)

playlist - mixtape

If you grew up listening to metal in the 80s, you know just how important the name Johnny Zazula was. If I found a cassette put out by Megaforce Records or otherwise had Johnny Z’s name associated with it, I was buying it. He was a giant in the field of thrash metal, and losing him at the age of 69 is a crying shame. So yeah, we’re kicking off the 2017th edition of the Nine Circles Playlist with a bunch of stuff associated with him. Throw one back for a titan of the genre.

The rest of the crew is all over the map, so let’s get to it. Anton brings the heavy and the new with Absent in Body, Wait, and The Last of Lucy. Ian hits with Celeste who I’ve really been digging lately, and throws in some Warning and Stormkeep to keep it moving. Josh threw me into a timewarp listening to the great first album by Tora Tora, but quickly amps the heavy up with Corpsegrinder, Extinction A.D. and Centinex (oh, and some DMX which is as heavy as anything else on this playlist). Vincent reliably brings The Mountain Goats and adds in some Elle and Cremation Lily. Angela keeps the new train moving with the new single from Messa, the latest from Rolo Tomassi and some Microwave while Buke – perhaps sensing my bringing in enough of the old school – goes decidedly modern and heavy with Dying Fetus, Ihsahn, Arcturus, and Diabolical Masquerade.

Pour one out for Johnny Z. We’ll see you next week.