Interview: Uddipan Sarmah of Aswekeepsearching on New Album Zia, Post-Rock In India and Writing


Aswekeepsearching is a post-rock band from India. Their debut album, Khwaab released in 2015 was well received and the band also toured Russia. Last month, they released their second album Zia. The album is a unique take on post-rock and is unlike anything I have heard before. I spoke to Uddipan Sarmah (Vocals/Guitars) about the new album, post rock in India, their writing process and more. Continue reading

Interview: India’s Thrash Metal Powerhouse Kryptos


With just over 2 months to go for the end of the year, there’s been another killer release from the Indian metal scene; Burn up the night by heavy metal band Kryptos. The band are one of the oldest surviving metal bands in India. Over the past 18 years they have released 3 albums.

Burn up the Night released through AFM Records features a straight up 80’s heavy metal sound which will appeal particularly to “old school” metal fans. I enjoyed the album as the songwriting and production contrasts with the sterile sounds of upcoming bands

I (Peter ‘Trendcrusher‘ K.) spoke to vocalist/guitarist Nolan Lewis about their change in sound, music videos and their recent European tour. Continue reading

Nine Circles ov… India

Food courtesy of the one and only Babu Ji.
Absolutely delicious food courtesy of the one and only Babu Ji in Alphabet City.

Metal is not music that you would normally associated with a country like India. The best known music export from India is Ravi Shankar. I have been following Indian metal bands for over a decade now and have noticed the bands evolve. Bands are putting out releases with better quality production and much better artwork. Here are some of the releases from the past year that you should check out: (In alphabetical order) Continue reading

Album Review: Bevar Sea – “Invoke the Bizarre”

bevar sea invoke the bizarre

I want to come right out and admit it: I chose to review Bevar Sea because they are a band from India (Bangalore to be exact). Not because I want to be hip or cool by talking about a band from India. It’s not even a nod to my undying love for Indian cuisine. It’s because listening to music from bands in other parts of the world gives us, the listeners, a great idea about how music is spreading, blending and interacting globally. Further, bands that aren’t in America, Canada, Norway, Finland, the UK and other major metal outlets tend to combine sounds in a way that is 100% unique. Invoke the Bizarre is a doom album. A stoner doom album even. But it’s also got a bit of Samhain and just a touch of post-hardcore similar to Fugazi and the like. Continue reading