Nine Circles ov… India

Food courtesy of the one and only Babu Ji.
Absolutely delicious food courtesy of the one and only Babu Ji in Alphabet City.

Metal is not music that you would normally associated with a country like India. The best known music export from India is Ravi Shankar. I have been following Indian metal bands for over a decade now and have noticed the bands evolve. Bands are putting out releases with better quality production and much better artwork. Here are some of the releases from the past year that you should check out: (In alphabetical order)

Editorial Note: We were lucky enough to have Peter K. of Trendcrusher guest write this piece for us. Be sure to check out his site and follow him on Twitter for even more goings on in India!

Albatross – Fear from the Skies

The Horror themed heavy metal band released one of my favourite Indian metal releases last year. The album features booming clean vocals with killer guitar riffs and also great storytelling. Fear from the Skies is made up of two stories, one titled ‘Children of the Cloud’ and another titled ‘The Assasin’s Flight’, click play below to find out more.

Bevar Sea – Invoke the Bizarre

“Bevar Sea” means bastard in Kannada, the local language of Bangalore where the band are based. One of the few doom metal bands in the country, their sophomore album tops their self-titled debut. The band pay tribute to their influences on tracks like “Bury me in Nola”. 4 of the 6 tracks on the album are in excess of 8 minutes so grab your beverage of choice and hit play on this album.

Death by fungi – in death of

The hardcore punk band have released a scathing commentary of the music scene in the country. This release is a shot in the arm of the nascent punk scene in India. I can’t wait to hear more music from Death by fungi

Demonstealer – The Burden is mine

The second solo release by the Demonic Resurrection frontman Sahil ‘Demonstealer’ Makhija showcases the diverse influences on him. From death metal to power metal, the album has it all. Sessions drums by George Kollias (Nile) and artwork by Xaay makes this an album you should add to your collection.

Godless – Centuries of Decadence

The death metal band inspired by sci-fi has released one of my favourite Indian releases this year. Catchy guitar riffs complemented by growled vocals. Joe Haley (Psycroptic) contributed a guitar solo to a track in addition to mixing and mastering the EP. A killer debut release, a band keep an eye out for in the future.

Heathen Beast – Rise of the Saffron Empire

The 4th EP by this anonymous black metal band is in my opinion their most venomous release yet. ‘Rise of the Saffron Empire’ attacks the racist stance of the government with its bold lyrical themes and artwork. Unfortunately the band has called it quits last month.

Primitiv – Immortal and Vile

‘Immortal and Vile’ is a groovy death metal album. Set in a ‘primitive’ time, the story line makes Primitiv stand out from current death metal bands. The heavy as fuck production will leave you with a sore neck after the first couple of listens. Another contender for my favourite Indian releases of the year.

Third Sovereign – Perversion Swallowing Sanity

The veteran death metal band released their sophomore album after 9 years. Their debut album ‘Destined to Suffer’ is a landmark in the Indian metal scene. ‘Perversion Swallowing Sanity’ is another slab of no frills death metal inspired by the NYDM sound. I hope we don’t have to wait another 9 years to hear new material from the band.

Wired Anxiety

One of the underrated Indian metal bands. The band have upped the ante on their new EP, ‘The Delirium of Negation’. The EP has a beefier sound courtesy Arkady Navaho of Navaho Studios (Katalepsy, 7 H.Target, etc.). The music is accompanied by some killer artwork by renowned Indonesian artist Coki Greenway (Aborted, Devourment)

– Peter ‘Trendcrusher‘ K.





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