The Path to Paradise Begins in Hell – Addendum, Part I

The Path to Paradise Begins In Hell

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote anything for the column. I have been trying to take things easy in the meantime, but life has been fucking with me. Not only has it been giving me more things to be concerned about, but has led to a worsened mental state and a depressive episode to boot. Don’t worry, though – I am feeling a lot better and I am in a better place mentally. With that in mind, we can now move towards talking about the leftover albums I didn’t have time to discuss. Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Slitherum – “Godbox Suicide”

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Inspiration to write about an old album I have only just been tipped off to is a bit like the stars aligning. Everything needs to be right: Curiosity, motivation, alcohol, time. It all needs to line up. Fortunately, after a couple grueling days of sobering up from this past weekend in Baltimore, I finally had my shit organized again. Just in time for the weekend, I was introduced to the lesser-known project called Slitherum and their recently released debut album titled Godbox Suicide. Pale and brooding, yet simultaneously aggressive and catchy, this is an interesting album and one certainly worth getting absorbed in. Continue reading

Album Review: Dawn Of Ashes – “Theophony”


I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the industrial side of heavier music. You’ll find plenty from the likes of Pain, Rammstein, and so on towards the top of my most played tracks list. But I just have never managed to get into, or even explore on a high level, the works of Dawn Of Ashes. Pitched as a fusion of black and industrial metals, this would seem to be a match made in heaven (even if combining those two genres seems aggressively ambitious). Regardless, even I find the fact that I’m only just now giving this band a chance curious. Well, while their latest effort in Theophany certainly isn’t perfect, there is plenty to appreciate through its upbeat, extreme personality. Continue reading

The Nine Circle ov… Pain


Odds are, if Peter Tägtgren is behind something… I’m into it. Be it as a producer, musician, songwriter, whatever. I’ve followed just about everything he has ever been associated with. And with good reason, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve already covered what he may be most known for, that being his death metal project Hypocrisy. But today I want to hone in on a side project in a very different subgenre of metal. And that would be his industrial outfit known simply as Pain. Continue reading