Album Review: Amon Amarth – “Jomsviking”

Amon Amarth - Jomsviking

Amon Amarth is a band that very much comes and goes with me. Obviously, over the years, the vikings of heavy metal have become among the most popular bands in the extreme metal scene. While the albums of the early to mid 2000’s piqued my interest — Death In Fire through With Odin On Our Side — the last three releases have just kinda… blended in. The same powerful, battle-ready music, but just done without enough advancement from the preceding work. Were they bad? Of course not. But they just weren’t anything I would get hyped up about. The same was true as the release date of Jomsviking began approaching. I figured I would inevitably listen to at some point, but I wasn’t exactly counting the hours until it dropped. Well, that ‘at some point’ turned out to be this past week and I am thrilled to report that this is the most impressive work Amon Amarth has put forward in some time. And I find myself once again on Amon Amarth’s longship, ready for battle. Continue reading

CANTO: Johan Hegg says things, Cynic gets dramatic, and Ex Deo is back!


Happy Friday! As always, I’m going to exert no effort in this post today.

Prisons and stuff. Why the Hell not?

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
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CANTO: Album news from King Diamond, drinking horns from Johan Hegg, and adventures with Brent Hinds


Forget what I said yesterday. It feels like this week is starting to drag already.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
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CANTO: Johan Hegg’s viking movie is coming to the States! And more

johan hegg

Another round of Canto from me. You’re all thrilled, I can tell. Anyway, let’s see what we’ve got today:

  • Leading off, Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg’s viking movie, Northmen: A Viking Saga, is finally getting a U.S. release! It’ll be available July 31, and I couldn’t be more excited for this sure-to-be-cheesefest.
  • Bassist / vocalist / exactly-one-half-of-Morbid-Angelist Steve Tucker has promised that the band’s next album will be “full-on death metal.” Which’ll be a nice change from the “full-on liquid shit” approach they took on Illud Divinum Insanus.
  • Swedish post-metal crew Cult of Luna have rescheduled their North American tour! The band’ll be hitting the road in September with support from Minsk and Kylesa (NYC only). Get excited!
  • Speaking of tour-related things: Revocation have announced a late-summer / early-fall run with Cannabis Corpse, Archspire and Black Fast. This should be fun.
  • And finally, I couldn’t in good conscience NOT share a new Rob Scallon cover video. This time? “Cowboys From Hell” on ukelele. Watch it here:

Good stuff. I’m out for now. Check back tomorrow for the usual.

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Quickies: 2015 Tour Announcements, the Lineup for Rocklahoma, and Johan Hegg-less Amon Amarth

It’s a three day week for this guy… and I’m ready for it to be over after day one. Go fucking figure.

I personally think it works really well.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

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