Album Review: Tribulation – “Down Below”

tribulation down below

So, what’s a band to do after putting out the rare ‘impossible to top’ album? In Tribulation‘s case, they crank out Down Below, their fourth full length since forming nearly 14 years ago. But in the case of this Swedish band, it’s a story of progression, rebirth and tinkering with a sound that began as death metal but since has carefully and methodically evolved into gothic, epic and downright morbid rock with an even darker heart. A lot was expected from this follow up and expectations were not only met but exceeded by leaps and bounds. Continue reading

Concert Review: Part 1 – Decibel Magazine Tour 2016; Tribulation and Inferion (March 19, 2016)

Decibel Magazine Tour 2016

After seeing four Decibel Magazine tours come and go without me being in attendance at any of them, it was finally my turn to see what all the fuss was about. Being a long time subscriber to the magazine I’ve read all the recaps and noticed just how stacked each bill has been. This one was no different, and for once it was a weekend show. And a no-brainer, so I made the road trip to the almighty Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. Between the performing acts, the huge crowd in attendance, and the always welcoming and friendly staff this event was, from my viewpoint, a huge success and one I won’t forget anytime soon. Continue reading

Interview: Tribulation’s Jonathan Hultén on moving forward, composition and mustaches


Those of us fortunate enough to have been fans of Tribulation over their dynamic and astounding career have been privy to a band that has quickly developed into a leader in extreme metal. On their newest album, The Children of the Night, the band blended a catchy, old-school backdrop with growled, black metal vocal work to create one of the most entertaining listens of the year. And with a solid run coming up on the summer festival circuit, not to mention support gigs for bands like Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse and Melechesh already this year, the band’s stock should only continue to rise.

I recently had the opportunity to send some questions to the Swedish powerhouses. Guitarist Jonathan Hultén took time out of his busy schedule to respond to my questions, which I can’t thank him enough for. Here’s what he had to say: Continue reading

Album Review: Tribulation – “The Children of the Night”

tribulation the children of the night

The term “progressive” has always been inextricably linked to Swedish death metal band Tribulation. Some might even say they’re downright experimental, in a way that feels almost purposefully meant to screw with their listeners. The band’s expansive 2013 release, The Formulas of Death, laid out a vision that stretched the definition of two usually confining genres—black metal and death metal, but with their new album, The Children of the Night, Tribulation has shattered the chains of genre labeling and forged a path that is entirely their own. And they’ve done so by subtracting from their once thick, technical sound rather than adding. Continue reading