The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 107 (11.30.2019)

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Welcome back to another Saturday mixtape. Hopefully you aren’t still sleeping off a turkey hangover. If you are, fear not, because we’ve got plenty of goodness to wake you up right. Everything from black metal to Ozzy Osbourne to Tom Waits and Genesis is represented here this week so there’s bound to be something to spark your interest. Take a listen down below.

– Vincent

Album Review: Pain – “Coming Home”


I have been following the work of Peter Tägtgren for several years now, specifically in terms of Hypocrisy and the impressive line up of albums he’s produced. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I stepped away from the death metal that defined his career (at least to my awareness) and welcomed the electronic/industrial-based Pain into my library. While industrial metal is something I rarely find myself appreciating, there was something about the Pain approach that took to me. It was something catchy — as one may expect — but also offered a serious enough tonality to hold interest and avoid coming across as shallow or superficial. With Pain’s latest album, Coming Home, we get a dose of what has defined the Pain project over the years with subtle differences that allow it to distinguish itself. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Lindemann – “Fish On”


Whenever a Till Lindemann-fronted project takes a visual stance, you know you’re in for something bizarre. And probably controversial. 2015 welcomed in Lindemann, a project conceived from the minds of the Rammstein singer and Peter Tägtgren. The music is about what you would expect, it’s a form of industrial nestled understandably between Pain and Rammstein. Nothing overwhelming, but certainly entertaining. We’ve already talked about the music video for “Praise Abort” from the debut album Skills In Pills, so we may as well take a look at the equally as fucked up music video for “Fish On.”

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The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 6 (June 27, 2015)

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The guys ponder whether listening to heavy metal actually makes them calmer, then jump into big news from Iron Maiden and Apple’s new streaming service Apple Music. Plus, new releases from Lindemann and Vanum, and Corey describes his time seeing Slayer in Portland, Maine!

All that and much, much more in Episode 6, so check it out!

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Album Review: Lindemann – “Skills in Pills”

lindemann skills in pills

Skills in Pills shouldn’t be as mediocre as it is. Think about it: Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann joining forces with Pain and Hypocrisy mastermind Peter Tägtgren for an industrial supergroup? That’s not an equation that should spell disaster. But with their new project Lindemann, they’ve found a way there, giving us a mostly half-assed effort that, while not without its occasional redeeming qualities, represents far less than either’s best effort. Continue reading