Visions ov Hell: Lindemann – “Fish On”


Whenever a Till Lindemann-fronted project takes a visual stance, you know you’re in for something bizarre. And probably controversial. 2015 welcomed in Lindemann, a project conceived from the minds of the Rammstein singer and Peter Tägtgren. The music is about what you would expect, it’s a form of industrial nestled understandably between Pain and Rammstein. Nothing overwhelming, but certainly entertaining. We’ve already talked about the music video for “Praise Abort” from the debut album Skills In Pills, so we may as well take a look at the equally as fucked up music video for “Fish On.”

The song is one of the better ones on the album, make no mistake about that. But there is no point in me getting into detail about it. It’s industrial. You can figure it out. So let’s, definitely, study the visual side of this a bit. “Fish On”… what could that possibly refer to? Here’s a hint. It isn’t catching fish.

To start, we see a very pierced-up Till, with buddy Peter, hunting… something. A few seconds later, with the release of their weirdly furry hunter creatures, you realize they are hunting women. Which, sure. Ok fine, they’re fishing for women, nets and all. Let’s hit on that controversial quality I was mentioning earlier. But you know what? They catch them! They capture all the women. Once back at Till’s dwelling, the women are used to power a stage where Lindemann is performing, because why wouldn’t they? I must comment on the stage, because I feel its depiction is accurate. Till is singing, obviously. And then Peter is literally playing every other instrument on stage, simultaneously. I can only assume this was recorded live. Peter is God after all. But anyway, we get what this “Fish On” concept is all about.

Yet, alas! One bold female was not captured and managed to break in, rescuing the others. The stage goes dark, and our heroes are sad. How sad? Peter Tägtgren playing accordion level sad. And then Till Lindemann smashing said accordion level sad. In turn making Peter even more sad! Poor sad Peter. At least they are having fun with themselves in these videos. Anyway, I’m done telling the story, check out the video below. It’s… out there.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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