Profile: London’s Extreme Sludge Juggernauts Beggar


We know what you’re thinking. ‘Why would 9C call a band I’ve never heard of a juggernaut and particularly why in the world of extreme sludge metal.’ For several reasons but mainly because the music contained on London based Beggar‘s upcoming debut full length, Compelled To Repeat, is some of the sickest, angriest, most down-trodden sludge by way of extreme metal we’ve heard in a mighty long time. Their sludge lives, breathes, and frolics amongst the heavy burdens of society and their extreme side is akin to hacking skin from flesh then swallowing the blade with a smile. And, they’re not afraid to pull off a dirty solo or throw in some breakneck thrash for good measure. So, juggernaut it is. For now, we’re here to right the wrong of you never hearing them or knowing anything about them since guitarist Jake Leyland and vocalist/bassist Charlie Davis were gracious enough to offer insight via our set of Profile questions. Check it out below and be first in line on APF Records’ site to get your copy, links contained within. Continue reading

Retrocution: Duett’s “Cycles”

Duett released full-length No. 3, “Cycles,” on August 13.

Welcome to the first edition of Retrocution! In this series, we’ll be presenting our favorite highlights from the worlds of synthwave, retrowave, dreamwave…hell, there are too many sub-genres to even begin to cover at this point. Let’s just call it “”80s-style synthesizer music,” shall we? That stuff. That’s what we’ll be covering here. To kick things off, let’s look at an album that just dropped this past week: Duett‘s new full-length, Cycles. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Enslaved turns Twenty-Five!

Aside from our very rigid fitness regimen the rules over at Nine Circles are pretty simple. We like a staff that enjoys music, wants to spread that love to other people and, most importantly, has a deeply entrenched love for the band Enslaved. Hell, I met Corey (the Literati Overlord) for the first time at an Enslaved show. So when Enslaved turns twenty-five we stop and take pause. Few bands have put out the absolutely massive catalog that they have. The band has put out fifteen full-lengths (ok, one was a split with Emperor), toured the world many times over and attended many a North American hockey game. So what is the band doing to celebrate? Follow the jump to find out. Continue reading

Daily ‘Bang: Lucifer Belongs in the Church

This is a bit delayed but still worth sharing. If I could art, this is the art I would art. May that statement serve as your introduction to NOT-Grammar, a common practice of ours.

As you may remember from Episode 3, my Horns Up for the week was a wax sculpture titled Lucifer (Morningstar) done by Paul Fryer, which depicts–you guessed it–Lucifer. What’s interesting about this piece is the setting: it’s located in London’s Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone, Westminster, lit by the stained glass windows that surround it. Also, Lucifer being suspended by power lines is noteworthy. It’s an eerily beautiful piece. Further context and imagery can be found here.

“Lucifer (Morningstar)” by Paul Fryer

I have yet to decide exactly what I gather from this concept so feel free to garner your own interpretations of this piece and, by all means, share them.


– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.