December 2018 Power Metal Album of the Month: Lovebites – “Clockwork Immortality” & the Top 10 Power Metal Albums of 2018

lovebites pmaotm dec 2018

It’s been a blast covering the vast expanse of styles that power metal has to offer on a monthly basis, but sadly all things must pass.  As I went through each month finding amazing records I kept holding off writing about them until the end of month post, and by doing so there were times I couldn’t give some of the albums their proper turn in the spotlight.  So rather than one post a month where we cover the genre my goal is to integrate power metal more fully into the coverage here at Nine Circles, allowing the bands and albums the proper room to shine on their own.

But before we do that, let’s get December out of the way with the only band to make the Power Metal Album of the Month twice in the same year: Lovebites and their new full length Clockwork ImmortalContinue reading

June 2018 Power Metal Album of the Month: Lovebites – “Battle Against Damnation”

love bites - battle against damnation

I’m tired.  The heat is taking on that thick, syrupy morass that feels like a brick, and any attempt to move through saps every ounce of your energy.  Couple that with the frankly insane nightmares that daily seem to define the United States, and more than ever I find myself turning to music that lefts my spirits, gives me a reason to lift my chin and fist to the sky to shake and just feel good, you know?

Enter the Power Metal Pick of the Month for June, which as should be glaringly obvious from the header image is Battle Against Damnation, the latest release from Lovebites. Continue reading