Best of 2017: Edge of Haze

Edge of Haze

In keeping with the theme of guest “best of 2017” lists, today we have a top ten from Finland’s melodic rockers Edge of Haze who just last month released their latest full length Deluge. Their list represents a great cross section of like minded and sounding bands from across the rock and metal spectrum. Check out what picks they have to share and stick around for a stream of their newest album.  Continue reading

Album Review: Lamentations of the Ashen – “Libertine Cyst”


Described as “tragic black metal,” Lamentations of the Ashen weaves a range of elements most closely associated with funeral doom into its sound, to feature prominently alongside leader/sole member Bon Vincent Fry’s more blackened influences. But on Libertine Cyst—the new, third album from the Albuquerque-based solo project, Fry simply has too many ideas that he incorporates into the album, which at times, come off as unfocused and confusing. Continue reading