Initial Descent: December 25 – 31, 2022

Abysmal Lord

The new release pickings today are slimmer than Santa’s present bag. Seeing as it’s the day after Christmas and all… Anyway, different variations of black metallers are taking advantage of the holidays with some last minute blasphemy and leading that pack are Abysmal Lord and Sammale. However, there’s a few more below that ride the crooked cross so if that’s your thing, you’ve got some exploring to do. In the meantime, don’t forget to make all those shallow New Year’s resolutions that will be in the rear view by the second week of January. As for us, we’ll have some more lists coming your way so stay tuned for that and see you here throughout the week.

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Initial Descent: July 24 – 30, 2022


We’ve featured some best of mid year picks recently and thinking about those along with my own running list I keep throughout each year, it is absurd how much really good metal we’ve been handed thus far in 2022. I mean, ABSURD… in a good way of course. And, the last half is looking pretty damn good as well. So, there’s that. Speaking of good stuff, this week’s list of new releases offer up more of that from Krisiun, Triumvir Foul, Chat Pile, and Grima. As usual though, there’s a loaded list that follows these four that are certainly worth exploring. Go do that and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week.

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Initial Descent: February 20 – 26, 2022


Did you catch the latest chapter in the annals of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre universe last Friday? No? Well, I’m not spoiling it for anyone that hasn’t so don’t ask. Here’s a couple more recommendations: Antlers and Titane. Do it. Moving on, new releases abound across the frozen metal tundra and this week’s list kicks off with Corpsegrinder’s solo effort of blood dripping, meat and potatoes death metal that literally is music to my ears, some pretty damn epic death / doom from Soliloquium, Blood Incantation go space truckin’ (cosmic ambient in case you missed the clue), Allegaeon test the boundaries of their own brand of tech death, and a TON more in the list below. I could’ve easily went ten deep at the top this week, lots of quality here so definitely go chuck some cash out at these artists. Happy hunting.

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Album Review: Soliloquium — “Things We Leave Behind”

Soliloquium - Things We Leave Behind

There’s a fine line between the intricacies and atmospheric leanings of doom and the fast, riff-like insistence of death metal that few bands seen to walk these days. While Swallow The Sun comes to mind in regards to bands that represent the death-doom handle, some don’t come close to that comparison. Many, in fact, seem to lean into the tropes of one genre or another, leading to a sonic mess that weighs on the listener for the wrong reasons. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Soliloquium, a band whose album, Things We Leave Behind, not only walks that fine line of death-doom but also seems to embody it through its rather bleak and poignant lyrics. Continue reading