Initial Descent: July 24 – 30, 2022


We’ve featured some best of mid year picks recently and thinking about those along with my own running list I keep throughout each year, it is absurd how much really good metal we’ve been handed thus far in 2022. I mean, ABSURD… in a good way of course. And, the last half is looking pretty damn good as well. So, there’s that. Speaking of good stuff, this week’s list of new releases offer up more of that from Krisiun, Triumvir Foul, Chat Pile, and Grima. As usual though, there’s a loaded list that follows these four that are certainly worth exploring. Go do that and we’ll be seeing you here throughout the week.

Krisiun – Mortem Solis (Century Media) – death metal

Triumvir Foul – Onslaught to Seraphim (Invictus Productions / Vrasubatlat) – black / death

Chat Pile – God’s Country (The Flenser) – death / grunge / sludge

Grima – Frostbitten (Naturmacht) – black metal 

Also on tap:

Arch Enemy – Deceivers (Century Media) – metal

Banks Arcade – Future Lovers (UNFD) – metal

Basalt Shrine – From Fiery Tongues (Cruel Nature) – doom / post-metal

Black Magnet – Body Prophecy (20 Buck Spin) – industrial metal

blacktoothed – JULI (Arising Empire) – rock

Box – Cherry Blossoms at Night (Miserable Pyre Of Secrets) – prog thrash

Canadensis – The Decades Apart Have Weathered Us Both (Medicine for a Nightmare) – drone / ambient / gaze

Caca De Luna – Zuchtigungstheater (Give Praise) – grind

Circus Prütz – Blues Revolution (Metalville) – blues rock, obvs

Contemplator – Morphose (Nefarious Industries) – progressive metal

Daidalos – The Expedition (Extreme Metal Music) – black / death

Dark Legacy – An Unexpected Interference, EP (Black Vulture) – metal / rock

Death Bells – Between Here & Everywhere (Dais) – rock

Entropy – Death Spell (Crazysane Records) – indie noise rock

Eosphorus – From Fire Into Birth, EP (WormHoleDeath) – melodic black metal

Evil In – Age of Immortal Darkness (Independent) – death / thrash

Exaltation – Under Blind Reasoning (Sentient Ruin) – death metal

Funeral Chic – Roman Candle (Prosthetic Records) – punk / metal

Gallower – Eastern Witchcraft (Dying Victims Productions) – speed metal

Haunted Horses – The Worst Has Finally Happened (Three One G) – punk / goth / industrial

Her Head’s On Fire – College Rock & Clove Cigarettes (Iodine) – rock

Horologic Mime – Ad Aeternam Damnationem, EP (Independent) – harshness

Ithaca – They Fear Us (Hassle Records) – hardcore/metal

Katakomba – S/T (Redefining Darkness) – death metal

Lathe – Tongue Of Silver (Grimoire Records) – drone/doom

Nightbearer – Ghosts of a Darkness to Come (Testimony) – death metal

Pist.On – Cold World, EP (M-Theory Audio) – alt-metal

Prosper or Perish – Shroud of Serpents (Jobson Productions) – metal

Raptore – Blackfire (Dying Victims Productions) – metal

Reeking Aura – Blood and Bonemeal (Profound Lore) – death / doom

Rotheads – Slither In Slime (Memento Mori) – death metal

Sacred Sin – Storms Over The Dying World (Lusitanian Music) – death metal

Sator – Return of the Barbie-Q-Killers (Wild Kingdom) – rock

Sedimentum – Suppuration Morphogénésiaque (Me Saco Un Ojo / Memento Mori) – death metal

Steel Inferno – Siren of the Air (From The Vaults) – speed metal

Stick To Your Guns – Spectre (Pure Noise) – hardcore

Suffering Sights – When Sanity Becomes Insanity (Dying Victims / Burning Coffin) – death / thrash

The Lord – Forest Nocturne, LP & Digital (Southern Lord) – drone

Torch – Live Fire (Metalville) – heavy metal

Torture Killer – Dead Inside, EP (The Other Records) – death metal

Urban Primate – Desolation (WormHoleDeath) – rock

Various Artists – Visions of Darkness: Volume II (Cold Spring) – ambient / drone


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