Initial Descent: February 20 – 26, 2022


Did you catch the latest chapter in the annals of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre universe last Friday? No? Well, I’m not spoiling it for anyone that hasn’t so don’t ask. Here’s a couple more recommendations: Antlers and Titane. Do it. Moving on, new releases abound across the frozen metal tundra and this week’s list kicks off with Corpsegrinder’s solo effort of blood dripping, meat and potatoes death metal that literally is music to my ears, some pretty damn epic death / doom from Soliloquium, Blood Incantation go space truckin’ (cosmic ambient in case you missed the clue), Allegaeon test the boundaries of their own brand of tech death, and a TON more in the list below. I could’ve easily went ten deep at the top this week, lots of quality here so definitely go chuck some cash out at these artists. Happy hunting.

Corpsegrinder – S/T (Perseverance Music Group) – death metal

Soliloquium – Soulsearching (Naturmacht) – death / doom

Blood Incantation – Timewave Zero (Century Media) – cosmic ambient 

Look around, there’s previews out there…

Allegaeon – Damnum (Metal Blade Records) – tech death

Also on tap:

Abraham – Debris de mondes perdus (Pelagic) – post-metal

An Evening Redness – S/T (Transylvanian Recordings) – drone

Anatomy of I – The Los(t) Angered Sessions (Time To Kill) – progressive death metal

Apolinara – Shadows & Signs (Independent) – metal

Arne Heesch – Demons Are Scared (Exile On Mainstream) – doom

Atrium Noctis – S/T (Independent) – black metal

Bank Myna – Volaverunt (Cold Dark Matter) – post-rock / drone

Beastiality – Sacrificial Chants (Invictus Productions) – black metal

Brood of Hatred – The Golden Age (Gruesome Records) – death metal

Borts Minorts + Hug Victim – Brut! (Nefarious Industries) – rock

Ceremonial Castings – Our Journey Through Forever (Eisenwald) – black metal

Copse – Mara | Mondrem (Independent) – post-black metal

Cryptum – Vile Emergence, EP (Caligari) – death metal 

Dark Worship – Flesh of a Saint (Tartarus) – experimental metal

Darkness Everywhere – The Seventh Circle (Creator-Destructor) – melodic death metal

Dead Head – Haatland (Petrichor) – thrash

Deathbell – A Nocturnal Crossing (Svart) – psych doom

Deathhammer – Electric Warfare (Hells Headbangers) – black / thrash

Eight Bells – Legacy of Ruin (Prophecy Productions) – doom / black

Embryonic Devourment – Heresy of the Highest Order (Unique Leader) – death metal

Epoch Crysis – Rex, Re-release (Independent) – extreme

Everson Poe – The Night Country (Trepanation Recordings) – sludge / doom

Evil Shade – Vandals, Mini Album (Chaos / Spookies Productions) – speed / heavy

Extinguished – Vomitous Manifestations (Caligari Records) – death metal

Eyes of the Living – Fear Comes Knocking (Blood Blast Distribution) – thrash

Fall of Stasis – The Chronophagist (Independent) – symphonic black / death

Firebreather – Dwell In The Fog (RidingEasy Records) – stoner doom

Hebosagil – Yössä (Svart) – rock

Hexerei – Ancient Evil Spirits (Sentient Ruin) – black metal

Humator – Curse of the Pharaoh (Time To Kill) – death metal

Incrypt – Thrashing Extinction (WormHoleDeath) – thrash 

Inerth – Void (Abstract Emotions) – grindcore

Inner Missing – Dead Language (Inverse) – goth / doom

Insineratehymn – Disembodied (Blood Harvest / Rotted Life) – death metal

Jason Blake – Imaginary Cages (Wayfarer) – prog rock

Kryptograf – The Eldorado Spell (Apollon Records) – heavy doom/rock

KYOTY – Isolation (Deafening Assembly) – post-metal / sludge

Last Piss Before Death – LPBD (Raging Planet) – metal

LLNN Y CWN – Du Y Moroedd (Cold Spring) – ambient

Lumberhead – Erase (Independent) – metal

Maceration – Live Disfigurements (Emanzipation Productions) – death metal

Malum Mortuus – Ashes of the Traitor’s Cross (Imperial Darkness Records) – black metal

Martyr Planet – Metalhead (Independent) – metal

Meslamtaea – Weemoedsklanken (Babylon Doom Cult) – black metal

Metal Cross – Soul Ripper (From the Vaults) – metal

Møtivation – The Infinite 8 Steps tø Pøwer / Møney / Møre (Seeing Red) – metal

Naxatras – IV (Independent) – prog / psych

Night Cobra – Dawn of the Serpent (High Roller) – metal

NOBRO – Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar, EP (Dine Alone) – punk

Old Iron / Verdun – Split (Satanik Royalty) – metal

Ritual Necromancy / Fossilization – Split (Everlasting Spew) – death metal

Scorpions – Rock Believer (Spinefarm) – rock

Sepulchral – From Beyond the Burial Mound (Soulseller) – death metal

Serpent Cobra – Beware (Helter Skelter / Regain Records) – death doom

Shape of Despair – Return to the Void (Season of Mist) – funeral doom

Sin Starlett – Solid Source of Steel (Metalizer) – metal

Smith & Swanson – S/T (No Remorse) – doom

Spectre – Drifter / The Black Jewel, EP (Dying Victims Productions) – metal

Sulphur Nurse – Roopkund (Tartarus) – noise / industrial

Svartsot – Kumbl (Mighty Music) – folk metal

Thunderor – Fire It Up (Boonsdale) – heavy metal

Thurston Moore – Screen Time (Southern Lord) – instrumental guitar

Tygers of Pan Tang – A New Heartbeat, EP (Mighty Music) – metal

Ultra Silvam – The Sanctity of Death (Shadow / Regain) – melodic black metal

Venator – Echoes From the Gutter (Dying Victims Productions) – metal

Volcanova – Cosmic Bulllshit (The Sign) – desert rock

Who Saves the Hero? – Time Turned Fragile, EP (Lost Music Collective) – pop punk

Wolverine – A Darkened Sun, Vinyl Issue (Sensory) – progressive metal [interview]

XIL – Rip & Tear (Independent) – thrash / speed


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