CANTO: Neil Peart hangs ’em up, the upcoming Megadeth tour, and more


I took Friday off because I felt like it.


“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

The Nine Circles ov…Rush’s R40 Concert Tour

rush r40 band

It’s another week without a proper Nine Circles ov list, (GOOD JOB, BLOG TEAM) so with Saturday night’s Rush show in Newark, New Jersey, having completely blown my mind, I decided the next morning to take up the slack and do something connected to the three gods of Maple Leaf prog rock. The trouble was, though, sorting through the band’s extensive discography to pick my list was a tricky proposition. Whittling down 20 albums and 160+ songs worth of material to just nine songs, in just a few hours’ time?

Yeah, no. Maybe (definitely) another time, though. But for now, I’ve decided to compile the Nine Circles ov the concert I just witnessed. Because with the R40 tour potentially being the band’s final extended tour run, you can bet they pulled out all the stops at the Prudential Center. Here are my nine favorite moments from it:  Continue reading