The Path to Paradise Begins in Hell – Progressive Metal

The Path to Paradise Begins In Hell

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, despite writing about numerous other things and being on the Nine Circles Audio Thing. Blame grad school – I am stuck in this hellhole to further new opportunities, so I am hoping things pan out. Otherwise, I will be so mad. Luckily, I am free (for now!), so here we are!

Anyway, last time, I discussed gothic metal and my appreciation of the aesthetic as a whole. I consider that genre to be the darker side of symphonic metal; instead of the beautiful fairy queen, you get the belle dame sans merci who will make you suffer for your desires. I also wanted to address something that I thought of before we jump into the next genre – if you think about it, there are more men involved in gothic metal than in symphonic metal. Granted, the genres overlap, but men rarely take the spotlight in symphonic metal. Maybe some of you can tell me why?

Now, we can start talking about a genre that is known to be experimental in nature, albeit not avant-garde (I might write about avant-garde at some point). Given our recent discussion of Empath (see podcast), it’s only fair that we look at how this genre has become a staple in my music listening and how it has expanded my horizons into other bands.

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Column: The Path To Paradise Begins In Hell – Bullet Hell

The Path to Paradise Begins In Hell

Last month, I discussed how I got into black metal despite not being completely into it at first, as it wasn’t what I originally perceived it to be. Despite this, and the research that led me into it, I now enjoy it and consider it a genre of choice. Thus, in addition to these genres, I also got introduced to several others at the same time. Continue reading

Initial Descent: July 1, 2016

Fates Warning (Photo by Stephanie Cabral)

Holy shit, we’re officially into Q3. Where on Earth has this year gone? I’m in full-on holiday weekend-mode this morning, kids, which is a nice distraction from the fact that there’s not a ton of eye-catching metal dropping this week. Some, sure. But not a ton. Oh well. We’re taking this coming week off from the pod to go America all over your asses anyway, so this is a non-issue.

Anyway, about that eye-catching metal — what’ve we got? Well, for starters, we’ve got a new one from Fates Warning — who return with album no. 12, Theories of Flight, after almost 35 years as a band. We’ve also got stuff from Grave Desecrator and Monoliths, as well as a solo album from Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. Plus, a pretty sweet Archgoat box set dropped yesterday, of which I’m sure MannyOWar already has four. Anyway! Enough chat. Here’s what’s on tap for July 1:
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