Initial Descent: July 1, 2016

Fates Warning (Photo by Stephanie Cabral)

Holy shit, we’re officially into Q3. Where on Earth has this year gone? I’m in full-on holiday weekend-mode this morning, kids, which is a nice distraction from the fact that there’s not a ton of eye-catching metal dropping this week. Some, sure. But not a ton. Oh well. We’re taking this coming week off from the pod to go America all over your asses anyway, so this is a non-issue.

Anyway, about that eye-catching metal — what’ve we got? Well, for starters, we’ve got a new one from Fates Warning — who return with album no. 12, Theories of Flight, after almost 35 years as a band. We’ve also got stuff from Grave Desecrator and Monoliths, as well as a solo album from Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. Plus, a pretty sweet Archgoat box set dropped yesterday, of which I’m sure MannyOWar already has four. Anyway! Enough chat. Here’s what’s on tap for July 1:

July 1, 2016

Fates Warning – Theories of Flight (InsideOut)

Grave Desecrator – Dust to Lust (Season of Mist)

Monoliths – Monoliths (Dry Lust)

Other New Releases of Note:

  • Wolf Hoffmann – Headbangers Symphony (Nuclear Blast)
  • Archgoat – Total Satanic Darkness (Floga) [6/30]
  • Brain Drill – Boundless Obscenity (independent) [7/2]
  • Gateway – Scriptures of Grief (independent)
  • Countess – Fires of Destiny (independent) [6/30]
  • Pain of Salvation – Remedy Lane: Re:visited (InsideOut)

Keep it heavy,

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