The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 278 (4.08.2023)

Not gonna lie. Sure there’s been some great extreme music that came out this week (like the latest from Devangelic) but damn if this new Crown Lands albums isn’t some of the best Rush worship I’ve heard since, well…Rush in their heyday, which if you ask was pretty much their whole career outside of the debut and that small blip from Presto to Roll the Bones. So we’re kicking off with a single from the Canadian duo’s stellar new release before diving into the guttural extremity of Devangelic’s fourth album Xul.

From there the 278th edition of the Nine Circles Playlist goes all over the place, as you would expect. We’ve got music from the likes of Rotten Sound, Demonical, and the scorching new cut from the forthcoming Cattle Decaptiation. We’ve got technical progressive death metal from Pronostic and glam from Steel Panther. And in between there’s cuts from Planning for Burial and Chapterhouse, Oranssi Pazuzu and Gorguts, Lo! and Godflesh, not to mention a host of killer cuts to close things out, including Opeth, Sabaton, Judas Priest, and others.

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week…


The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 228 (4.23.2022)

playlist - mixtape

As I write this it’s a few short hours until the next Record Store Day. I’m not normally the type to burst to my LRS in the dawn light just to snag an overpriced variant, but when you have sweet reissues from Opeth and Voivod, plus the debut of The Lord from Greg Anderson, well…you know I have to set the alarm for that, right?

So yeah…we’re gonna kick off the 228th edition of the Nine Circles Playlist with what you can expect from those heavyweights, but we got more of the concrete coming straight for your head. Anton welcomes new music from Exocrine, Misanthropic Rage, and Ufomammut to the playlist while Josh doubles down on the brutality with Black Braid, Crypticus, Paganizer, Butchers Burial and a killer new track from site favorite Spirit Adrift. Vincent is knee-deep in his Pyrithe review, so he’s serving up some of their music along with Ultha, Orville Peck, and some classic New Order. Ian returns to the playlist with some Kardashev and Gojira, along with a healthy dose of the Pixies and some Planning for Burial. Angela is digging the latest from Tribulation and…wouldn’t you know it? For the first time, so am I! And she also has Mountaineer and Telekinetic Yeti bringing up the rear for this week.

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week.


CANTO: Katatonia, Planning For Burial, Converge, and More


Some good news today from the metal world!

  • Planning For Burial will be streaming a live acoustic show on March 21st through Facebook Live (here is the event link). While it’s a bummer the in-person show couldn’t go on as planned, this alternative is pretty dang cool.
  • Converge have released a 30 minute long experimental version of their track “Aimless Arrow”. This is a really cool thing. It’s available on Bandcamp now, so I hope you know what you need to do without me telling you.
  • Sorcerer revealed details behind a new album, Lamenting of the Innocent, which drops on May 29th through Metal Blade Records. You can stream the first track from that album, “The Hammer of Witches”, right now.
  • Katatonia have unveiled another song and video from the upcoming new album, City Burials, and the track is called “Behind The Blood”. Legit, this is some of the best Katatonia I’ve ever heard. That album is out on April 24th and yes I already pre-ordered it.


Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

CANTO: Planning For Burial, Wintersun, As I Lay Dying, and Kataklysm



“Ein Bier… bitte.”