July 2018 Power Metal Album of the Month: Michael Romeo – “War of the Worlds, Pt. 1”

PMAOTM Michael Romeo - War of the Worlds, pt. 1

Greetings and salutations, fellow champions of the rock.  July has been an absolutely insane month for new extreme music, so much so that I am still buried under a mountain of albums I need to catch up on.  Normally I’d apologize for the Power Metal Album of the Month for July coming to you a few days late, but all things happen for a reason, and that reason was I needed to pick myself up off the floor after hearing the kinda-sorta* solo debut from Symphony X axeman/chief songwriter Michael Romeo, the unapologetically classic War of the Worlds, Pt. 1.   Continue reading

Nine Circles ov…FRANCE

Intentionally terrible Photoshop job courtesy of yours, truly.

By now, most of y’all are probably aware that the 2018 World Cup has concluded. On Sunday afternoon, France capped off a dominant tournament run by beating Croatia, 4-2, in the final. And while we’re not still dopey enough to commemorate the occasion with something like the “World Cup of Metal,” (Remember that? Gross.) we also weren’t going to let it go completely unnoticed. Hence, here we are with The Nine Circles ov France!

Side note before we begin: as much as I wanted Croatia to win it all, I also know exactly one Croatian metal band. (This one.) So, having preemptively claimed this post before the game, I’m low-key THRILLED that France and its comparably enormous metal scene ended up victorious. Okay, I’ll shut up now. Here we go… Continue reading

June 2018 Power Metal Album of the Month: Lovebites – “Battle Against Damnation”

love bites - battle against damnation

I’m tired.  The heat is taking on that thick, syrupy morass that feels like a brick, and any attempt to move through saps every ounce of your energy.  Couple that with the frankly insane nightmares that daily seem to define the United States, and more than ever I find myself turning to music that lefts my spirits, gives me a reason to lift my chin and fist to the sky to shake and just feel good, you know?

Enter the Power Metal Pick of the Month for June, which as should be glaringly obvious from the header image is Battle Against Damnation, the latest release from Lovebites. Continue reading

May 2018 Power Metal Album of the Month: Crystal Tears – “Decadence Deluxe”

crystal tears - decadence deluxe

Greetings and salutations, power metal lovers of the world!  We’re back with the Power Metal of the Month pick for May!  This went right up to the wire, with the top spot changing no less than three times in the last few days.  But as push came to shove I had to go with the tunes that made me yearn for the wild, cocksure swagger of my youth, and no album brought that home better than the latest from Greece’s speed/power titans Crystal Tears, whose fourth full length Decadence Deluxe jubilantly embraces the set of 80s hard rock, never taking itself too seriously even as it throttles ahead with power and aggression.
Continue reading