Exclusive Stream: Hybreed Chaos – “Eroded”

hybrid chaos album

Another day, another fresh new track… exciting, right?? While yesterday we introduced you to a healthy dose of everything prog, today we are going to go in a completely different direction. Montreal based Hybreed Chaos are getting prepared to drop their second album, Entombed in the Dark Matter, on June 16th through PRC Music. To continue building up the anticipation for that we are thrilled to give you “Eroded” on this fine Friday. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Opusculus – “N”


On July 21st Opusculus will see a reissue of their debut full length album titled Consonant and today we are thrilled to bring you a fresh sample from this release titled simply “N“. The original version of this album dropped way back in 2011 (and you can check it out here), so there’s no doubt that a reimagining of this work is something to look forward to. But it’s not simply just going to be a fresh take on old songs, there will certainly be more to it than that. Check out all the details after the jump. Continue reading

Initial Descent: October 16 – 22, 2016

Khemmis – photo courtesy of Travis Heacock

Seems like we’ve been saying this every week and here we are saying it again; it’s another big week here on Initial Descent. And with the vitriol spewing from every corner of the globe and wariness of the status quo, it’s comforting to know we have metal to shut the world out and get lost in. On that note, this week we have the absolutely huge second full length, Hunted, from Denver’s doom sensations Khemmis (if Absolution was your jam, this one will blow your mind). Also, death metal vets Obituary return with a pair of new songs and several live fan favorites on Ten Thousand Ways To Die. Seputus, featuring three members of Pyrrhon, release their thickly woven and intense death metal debut Man Does Not GiveAnagnorisis give us an emotionally heavy black metal album on Peripeteia, and Auroch offer up their dynamically technical brand of death metal on Mute Books. Already more than an ear full of new releases to sink your teeth into and we’re just getting started. So dive in, after the jump. Continue reading

Profile: Caroline Harrison

I often find myself beginning profiles of people I know by telling you what a great person the profilee is. Well, this one isn’t going to be much different. Except my effusive praise for this young lady can be substantiated by scientific principles. Caroline is an exceptional human being. One that everyone should feel privileged to know. Her humor, talent and insightful intelligence know no bounds. When it comes to her art, Caroline is not only talented, she’s downright phenomenal. Despite her piss-poor self-promotional abilities, almost everyone praises her artwork, photography skills and general awesomeness. So, herein follows a brief look into the mind of a genius.  Continue reading

Sepulchral Saturday: Pyrrhon – “Running Out Of Skin”

Pyrrhon - Running Out Of Skin

By now, it’s no secret Pyrrhon dropped their Running Out Of Skin EP this week and if you missed out, rectify that immediately. More of their scathing, improvisational style of death metal is always a good thing. This particular release was recorded live in studio and fully captures the heart and soul of what this band is all about. It’s unorthodox, jagged, mind bending, and all that in just three songs. But to cap it off, we also get a gritty Death cover that (no surprise here) the band absolutely owns. Continue reading