Exclusive Stream: Opusculus – “N”


On July 21st Opusculus will see a reissue of their debut full length album titled Consonant and today we are thrilled to bring you a fresh sample from this release titled simply “N“. The original version of this album dropped way back in 2011 (and you can check it out here), so there’s no doubt that a reimagining of this work is something to look forward to. But it’s not simply just going to be a fresh take on old songs, there will certainly be more to it than that. Check out all the details after the jump.For those unfamiliar, Opusculus is one of the more creative recent progressive metal bands based out of Montreal. An album filled with 20 tracks and spanning over an hour of continuous runtime, it features some of the more complex and intricate instrumental song writing you will hear. Consonant successfully displays impressive technical ability that fuses a heavier rock backbone with jazz in an epic and progressively gifted fashion. With “N”, we get a healthy taste of all those elements in an efficient three minute run time… check it out below.

As you can hear above, Opusculus isn’t shy about utilizing every influence and piece of skill in their repertoire. This trio comes together in complicated yet curiously fluid fashion. The delicate keys of the introductory moments tease us with a musical direction before elevated percussion and riffage pulls us in a new direction entirely. It’s a fascinating interplay of sounds, but at the end of the day it’s a ton of fun to tap your foot to and it all comes together extremely well. It’s hard not to enjoy what they bring to the table, as unique as it is.

This PRC Music reissue of Consonant will naturally feature bonus material on top of the 20 track original. Be sure to keep July 21st marked on your calendars and stay up to date with everything Opusculus through their official Facebook page.

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