Profile: Charlotta Ekebergh of The Riven

The Riven
The Riven
London based The Riven released their debut EP Blackbird last week and in case you missed this searing EP we got you covered. Merely for reference points think Blues Pills meets Graveyard but the sound and songwriting reveals their true influences: Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad just to name a couple. From the experimental riffing in “Tower” to the funky chops of “Killer On the Loose” to the driving blues groove of “One Last Time” this EP is packed full of good time music that will appeal to metalheads and rockers alike. Besides the insane musicianship the band displays throughout these five tracks, the soulful vocals from Charlotta Ekebergh elevates these tunes to another level entirely. Her range is undeniable — the power and control she displays is immense. We recently had the opportunity to ask her our Profile set of questions, see what she had to say after the jump.

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Album Review: Gozu – “Revival”


There’s a type of dude you may know: burly, boisterous, almost certainly bearded. This dude is usually the life of the party. He likes his riffs heavy and his tempo mid-. He may have soft spots for southern rock and nineties grunge. But imagine, one day, he shows up somewhere, at a party or the bar, and isn’t quite himself: he’s unfocused, detached, a little bummed out. It bums you out. Continue reading