Exclusive Stream: Hybreed Chaos – “Eroded”

hybrid chaos album

Another day, another fresh new track… exciting, right?? While yesterday we introduced you to a healthy dose of everything prog, today we are going to go in a completely different direction. Montreal based Hybreed Chaos are getting prepared to drop their second album, Entombed in the Dark Matter, on June 16th through PRC Music. To continue building up the anticipation for that we are thrilled to give you “Eroded” on this fine Friday.

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Hybreed Chaos came to be back in 2012 and released their first album, Dying Dogma, back in 2013. You can check out that album (or buy it if you’re one of the cool people) here. Bring on 2017 and Hybreed Chaos is back with a new take on doomy death metal that is equal parts dark and heavy. Mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy), you know this new album is going to bring impressively produced brutal death metal. So, without further delay… let’s give “Eroded” a listen.

Like I mentioned, it’s heavy. Right from the start you get a feel for the crisp nature of the album both instrumentally and from a production standpoint. The spoken lyric introduction offers a dark and foreboding feel from the beginning while the riffage and percussion are complex enough to be interesting yet offers plenty of cohesion. At almost eight minutes, the track doesn’t really take off until about two minutes in when the galloping kick and dense growls showcase the true depth and density of “Eroded”.

This really is a phenomenal take on death metal. Enough technicality to showcase the talent and skill behind the musicianship but gloomy and dark enough to give it emotional substance. Basically, it doesn’t wank. I’m impressed, and if the rest of Entombed in the Dark Matter is anywhere near this solid, we’re in for a treat later this month. And to keep up to date on Hybreed Chaos, be sure to check out their official Facebook page.

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