Album Review: Constellatia — “Magisterial Romance”

When it comes to things perceived as romantic, it generally is sentimental and brings out feelings of longing and passion, and black metal is not the most romantic of genres. I have never heard a proper black metal ballad that pulls at the heartstrings and calls to mind idyllic sentiments. Then again, I have also never heard a band make romantic black metal a reality. Although that sounds like one of the tallest orders outside of the classical (read: orchestral/choral) world, South African band Constellatia bring that front and center on their second album, Magisterial Romance.

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Concert Review: Maryland Deathfest XV, Part Four

maryland deathfest xv

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As I hit the “Publish” button on this post, it’s a little less than three weeks since Maryland Deathfest wrapped up its 15th edition down in Baltimore. I’d like to tell you that the delay’s been down to me “just processing it all” or “trying to find the right words” or some shit, but let’s be real, I’ve just been busy with other things. However, the timing of my posts should not be construed as a lack of enthusiasm for this year’s fest. In fact, I’ve been quite jazzed about my experience in the time since it all wrapped up. But more on that later; for now, let’s jump into the final recap and see how Sunday closed things out… Continue reading

Album Review: Enthean – “Priests Of Annihilation”

Enthean - Priests of Annihilation

South Carolina’s Enthean label themselves progressive black metal and on their full length debut Priests Of Annihilation this proves to only be part of the story. At times its heavy on the progressive aspect and at others heavy on technical prowess. Be it death metal or otherwise the technical aspect of this debut is the most profound of all. It’s a busy album and over some 44 minutes the band hit on many influences, which can be overwhelming initially. With patience though, the album opens up on several fronts showcasing a band with a mountain of talent but not quite sure of a direction. Continue reading

Album Review: Ecferus – “Pangaea”

Ecferus - Pangaea

On Pangaea, Ecferus‘ second full length, the band uses adventurous black metal as a narrative to tell the story of planets, destruction and war. Through the use of varying tempo changes and, at times, suffocating atmospheres, the album plays out like a centuries old story passed down through the ages. It’s at times hopeful and others hopeless as the listener can only stand idly by and listen to the anger of the gods manifest itself. Much like the band’s debut Prehistory, creativity and imagination make for an enthralling listen that strays from black metal’s usual tropes. Continue reading