Album Review: Xenobiotic — “Mordrake”

Xenobiotic - Mordrake

Sometimes you want to listen to an album that pushes the boundaries of what metal is capable of by incorporating interesting and innovative instrumentation and songwriting.  Sometimes you want to listen to an album that stirs the soul and seeks to provoke deep introspection and provide a resonant message.  Sometimes you want to listen to an album so stupid dumb heavy that you forget how to do math.  If you’re like me and you have almost no use for times tables in your daily life anymore, then Perth, Australia, natives Xenobiotic’s sophomore album Mordrake will treat you just right. Continue reading

Profile: Forward Thinking Heavy Metallers Vulturic Eye

Vulturic Eye

The UK’s Vulturic Eye play a progressive brand of heavy metal that nods to the classics while offering difficult song structures and EPIC vocals. It’s an unexpected mix but one that works extremely well over the course of their three song EP, The Crucifixion of Hope. To get the full effect of how forward thinking this band is, the physical edition comes with a 12-panel comic to fully illustrate their dystopian lyrics so if ever there was a time to grab a physical copy, this is it. The EP was released last month and we had the chance to ask the band our set of Profile questions to dig deeper into their views and what makes them tick, musically. Read on to see what they had to say. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Spylacopa – “Lovely One”


This edition of Visions might be my favorite one yet. In my scouring of the internet for new songs/videos to potentially talk about, I stumbled upon this project called Spylacopa. Born from the mind of John LaMacchia, this is an enchantingly dark droning form of doom metal (I think). The latest released, Demon John, was released earlier this year. And is very solid, from what I understand. Yet, my first taste of this music has been through the music video for “Lovely One”. And through and through, this is four minutes of artistic brilliance. Continue reading