Visions ov Hell: Spylacopa – “Lovely One”


This edition of Visions might be my favorite one yet. In my scouring of the internet for new songs/videos to potentially talk about, I stumbled upon this project called Spylacopa. Born from the mind of John LaMacchia, this is an enchantingly dark droning form of doom metal (I think). The latest released, Demon John, was released earlier this year. And is very solid, from what I understand. Yet, my first taste of this music has been through the music video for “Lovely One”. And through and through, this is four minutes of artistic brilliance.

The music is simple, yet incredibly captivating. The deliberation contained within the meandering passages of the guitar is absolutely awesome. And once coupled with the definite vocals, “Lovely One” because pretty damn intoxicating. It almost a similar on me as Valborg did last year. And it’s an appropriate length as well. If this track were, any longer, it’d probably push that boundary of boredom through repetition. Yet, as it stands, it is a wonderful track full of emotion.

But the video is even more impressive than the sound. Well, maybe equally so. Either way, the visual element matches the sound brilliantly. Featuring Candice Freshko as the main character, this video is a journey through isolated dream world. The scene cuts opens with her going to bed before taking a very progressive stance and cutting between images of drifting clouds, her sleeping body, and her subconscious being during the night hours. Her movements and actions are so curiously beautiful, aligning with the music nicely. It’s different, and it’s a trip, but most definitely in a good way. Check it out below.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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