Album Review: Ignite — “Ignite”

For as much as I love, cherish and appreciate brutal, crushing heavy metal, the first music that ever made a genuine, lasting impact on me was punk rock.  It might sound stupid, but I don’t care: “Superman” by Goldfinger was the first song that I ever remember falling in love with, and that feeling hasn’t left me.  Punk has shaped who I am as a person, politically, socially and musically and Ignite are one of the forefathers that blossomed the kind of melodic hardcore that sets my soul alight into the mainstream.  On their new self-titled release, change comes to the band, but their fighting spirit is only that much stronger.

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Album Review: Black Pestilence — “Hail the Flesh”

I’ve always been of the opinion that black metal doesn’t have to break the mold or take itself too seriously to be good, and frankly Calgary’s Black Pestilence doesn’t do either of those things on their sixth full length, Hail the Flesh, despite a wide collection of influences.  What they do manage to accomplish is the creation of rip-roaring, ferocious songs that are fast, catchy, and most importantly fun as all get-out to listen to.  This is not an album that is going to change the face of black metal, but man does it go hard. Continue reading

Profile: GA’s Unapologetic Punk Rockers Hembree & the Satan Sisters

Hembree and the Satan Sisters

Many of you may remember Zack Hembree as vocalist and one of the founding members of TORO or possibly from this Profile we did with him surrounding the release of an EP. Zack has since moved on to form Hembree & the Satan Sisters, a band that gleefully caters to Hembree’s unrepentant punk side. Together with likeminded band members that share his vision, the band’s debut F.Y.F. will see the light of day later this month. It’s unadulterated punk rock that reeks of barroom brawls and ringside seats. We recently reached out with our set of Profile questions and received in-depth and lengthy answers, which is always appreciated. Head below to see how it went down and show them love from the links contained within. Continue reading

Rainbows in the Dark: Frank Turner’s “Be More Kind”

Frank Turner Be More Kind album art

I know, I know. I’m writing about something that isn’t metal — what a shocker. At this point, me writing about not-metal is like Willem Dafoe playing a crazy person in a movie, or LeBron James going HAM in the playoffs — like, why would you expect anything else? Well, yeah…so far this year, metal as a whole hasn’t quite done it for me yet. (With some exceptions, of course.) But you know what has done it for me? This new Frank Turner album, Be More Kind, which dropped on Friday. So, let’s jump in. Continue reading

Album Review: Barbatos – “Straight Metal War”

barbatos straight metal war

For a band that has been around since 1996, Barbatos have changed very little. Their music is just as raw, poorly recorded, aggressive and laden with sexual innuendo as ever. The band has also continued to use broken English as their chosen vehicle with which to spread their message. Sure, their earlier music was more heavily rooted in black metal and thrash but the idea is the same: rock ‘n’ roll, and metal, will never, ever die. With their new album, Straight Metal War, Barbatos hone in on that rock aspect, and deliver a fun album to be enjoyed tongue-in-cheek with a few friends — and a few beers. Continue reading