The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 196 (9.11.2021)

playlist - mixtape

Hello one and all and welcome back to another mixtape of “what we’ve been listening to around the water cooler.” It’s Saturday so it’s TIIIIMmmeee. Reading that is a lot flatter than how it sounds on primetime MMA but, just know that’s the vibe I’m going for. As always we’ve got a ton to dig into; Kowloon Walled City (FINALLY), a new one from Massacre, gory stuff from Heads For The Dead, a kick ass new track from Sarke, likewise from Atræ Bilis, and same from Hippotraktor and Blood Red Throne. And, of course, many more from all across the heavier spectrum. So, smash that play button below and be somebody.


The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 103 (11.02.2019)

playlist - mixtape

Welcome to another Saturday morning playlist.  Hope your Halloween was more treat than trick.  We’re eschewing the movie clips this week and going back to our regular format.  This week, I’m still jamming the new Alcest on repeat, Josh throws the new Schammasch song in, which a few of us are loving, and Chris reminds me take another listen to the last Morne album.  Take a listen to these and more down below:


The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 35


The guys touch on a disgusting development involving Psalm Zero frontman Andrew Hock, then finally review their epic trip to Boston to see Taake, Young and in the Way, Vattnet Viskar and Lord Almighty. Plus, new albums from Slaves BC and Sarke!

All that and much, much more in Episode 35, so check it out!

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Keep it heavy,

Album Review: Sarke – “Bogefod”

sarke bogefod

Remember being a kid and trying to start your first band? Those awkward high school days where your attempts at original songwriting end up sounding like covers of the bands you’re into at the time? I went through that phase in a big way –– and much to my dismay, there weren’t too many kids in my school that wanted to hear contemporary attempts at AC/DC or Maiden. (And they certainly didn’t want to hear it from pudgy, zit-filled kids with long hair.)

Alas, the guys in Oslo’s Sarke have the same problem. A Norwegian black metal supergroup, they’re neither kids, nor particularly new at all this. Yet eight years and three albums in, the band’s never been able to shake their influences from their sound’s blackened sleeves. And unfortunately, that remains the case on their new, fourth album, BogefodContinue reading