CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (September 13, 2019)

cursed imagery

Fellow album art indulgers, I write this post to you from computer purgatory. I’ve just returned from taking my laptop in for a battery replacement, which apparently requires it be shipped off to a different service facility from which it may or may not actually return. In the absence of my trusty Dell machine, I’m on my new Mac Mini, which I’m still handling with safety gloves until a couple of different external hard drives arrive and I can partition off various files and apps among them. Apparently, you turn 30 and suddenly start giving a damn about not choking your gadgets to death before their time. Who knew?

Anyway, that’s my situation right now. What’s all this have to do with album art? Exactly nothing. (I told you I’m in a bad way with regard to these intro blurbs!) But, the album art part’s coming up now. So, jump in!

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Throwback Thursday: August 14, 2014

Hey friends, little bit late on today’s Throwback Thursday post, because HOORAY DAY JOB. (Seems to be a recurring theme lately, doesn’t it?) Regardless, from the looks of it, August 14 has been kind of a slow day throughout metal history. One thing did stand out, however, and that was that today apparently marks the 12th anniversary of original Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams’ death.

Grasping for straws a bit? You bet I am. Now I no longer really care for Drowning Pool these days (to be honest, I’m kind of surprised they’re still even a band), but you can bet your ass that middle school Dan loved the hell out of their first album, Sinner–the only album to feature Williams on vocals before his tragic death from heart failure at 30. I mean, “Bodies”? “Tear Away”? It was the perfect heavy music for an angsty kid who didn’t know what heavy music really was.

The stuff they did afterwards may as well not even exist–I think they replaced Williams with a guy who actually nicknamed himself Gong, which should tell you all you need to know about post-2002 Drowning Pool. But Sinner will always be fun for a nostalgia listen, so we’ll revisit it today in tribute to Williams. For today’s #tbt, here’s the title track from that album:

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