CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (September 13, 2019)

cursed imagery

Fellow album art indulgers, I write this post to you from computer purgatory. I’ve just returned from taking my laptop in for a battery replacement, which apparently requires it be shipped off to a different service facility from which it may or may not actually return. In the absence of my trusty Dell machine, I’m on my new Mac Mini, which I’m still handling with safety gloves until a couple of different external hard drives arrive and I can partition off various files and apps among them. Apparently, you turn 30 and suddenly start giving a damn about not choking your gadgets to death before their time. Who knew?

Anyway, that’s my situation right now. What’s all this have to do with album art? Exactly nothing. (I told you I’m in a bad way with regard to these intro blurbs!) But, the album art part’s coming up now. So, jump in!

Sinner — Santa Muerte

There’s a lot going on in the cover of Sinner’s 19th full-length — and even though most of it’s kinda ridiculous, I still enjoy it. The lightning bolt-y logo is dope, full-stop. The duo of Dia de los Muertos masks feel like a better, less-boring variation on the theme from Theatre of Pain. The title font…okay, that feels a bit bland. But, the rest of this thing’s pretty fun!

Baest — Venenum

Baest - Venenum

Beast? Baest? Bae-st?

I’m so confused. There’s actually a decent image here, complete with a bat-demon-thing eating a naked person leg-first, and yet I can’t get past this band’s name for the life of me. Or the odd choice of color-scheme / lack of outline for their logo. (Particularly given that the title is in the same color, but is outlined!)

Woundvac — The Road Ahead

I was drawn to this band because they share their name with a piece of medical equipment that I encounter at work on a semi-regular basis. (This one.) Now, the cover of The Road Ahead doesn’t really have anything to do with that. But, it is kinda neat. So, hooray for the nursing and grindcore crossover we never knew we needed!

Eternal Thirst — Purge the Bastards

Without question, the reason for this cover’s inclusion is the waiter just chilling on the stairs while Reaper Raiden over here is just zapping and disemboweling his way through an entire freaking monastery. Still or sparkling water with your guts and brain melt, Your Evilness?

Eye Rake — Eye Rake

Credit to Eye Rake, they’ve really cut to my core with the cover of their new self-titled LP. This thing just disturbs me on a “literally anything touching the surface of my eye is enough to make me squirm” level. I’m talking dust, a drop of water, etc. Can’t stand the shit. And now, we get an entire fucking hand reaching out of the pupil? Nope nope nope nope nope.

Iron Rage — Cold World Calling

So, the wizard…snow creature…thing…at the forefront here, has literally the derpiest face this side of Eli Manning. Other than that, I don’t dislike this thing!

That’ll do it for this week! Stay tuned for more album art ridiculousness this time next week!


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