CANTO: Sunn O))), The 69 Eyes, Deafheaven, Ghost, and More


I’m going to Boston for work on Thursday… that’s all I’ve got.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Blood Red: Hoop-Tober 4.0 – Week Two

Blood red hoop-tober week 2

Week Two of the annual Hoop-Tober marathon brought a little more quality to the table, with three films being a genuine pleasure to watch.  Carnival of Souls was a gorgeously shot fever dream that would embed its claws into David Lynch years later when he would begin Eraserhead.  Sean Byrne sidesteps the sophomore slump with the evil slow burn of The Devil’s Candy, featuring some knockout performances as well as a killer metal soundtrack with the likes of Metallica, Slayer, and Sunn 0)))  – who puts Sunn 0))) in their movie?!  And The Unholy Three, besides being an awesome name for almost anything, turns out to be an insane crime caper featuring man of 1,000 faces Lon Chaney and some assured direction from Tod Browning before he came huge with Dracula and Freaks.

The less said about Prom Night and my first (and only) exposure to “classic” Cannibal Holocaust, the better.  Although to be fair, one is redeemed by Jamie Lee Curtis’s dancing.  I’ll let you decide which film that is.  Excerpts and link below.   Continue reading

Retrospective: Khanate – “Khanate”

khanate_coverBefore doom became the cool thing, the most extreme end of its spectrum was positively terrifying. Before hordes of amp worship bands, before two-cent Electric Wizard clones with gear that costs more than the van it’s hauled in, before seemingly every new “doom” band was basically layered feedback with screams on top, before needlessly prolific outfits started churning out one collaboration right after another and captured the ears of millenials who are oblivious to the development of extreme metal and its past…. there was Khanate. Their self-titled debut scared the living hell out of me when I was 16, and even amidst the current scene’s Primitive Mans and The Bodys (Do I conjugate that to the proper plural or not?), Khanate is still the most grippingly bleak and abrasive band in doom metal, even after their demise.  Continue reading

Album Review: Latitudes – “Old Sunlight”

latitudes old sunlight

Today we discuss the post-metal and ambient-laden, mood-enticing work of Latitudes. Halinig from the United Kingdom, Latitudes are probably most easily described as a progressive metal band. In fact, they share much sonically with the German progressive band The Ocean. Much like progressive bands, Latitudes focuses on full-length releases spaced by a few years. With their third full-length release, Old Sunlight, Latitudes have abandoned the instrumental concept (in a manner very similar to Isis circa Oceanic) and have created an album that fans of Neurosis, Sunn O))) and Immolation will revel in. Old Sunlight is a seven-track work that is more massive than advertised.

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Initial Descent: December 4, 2015

sunn band

Hey, another last-minute, big-name album on the horizon. Congratulations to Sunn O))) on leaving things ’til the VERY last minute!

Y’know, I really shouldn’t slag these December releases off, because a certain such release from last year ended up being one of my favorite albums of 2014. But still, generally speaking…why, bands? Why? I promise you, the first 11 months of the year are just as good as December. Seriously.

Anyway, Corey and I are in full-on Best-of-’15 mode on the podcast ’til the end of the year, so barring something totally mind-blowing, we likely won’t be talking about any of these. (Sorry, kids, our lists are more or less set.) But that said, there’s still some stuff that might be worth a listen or two. Take a look:
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