CANTO: Between The Buried And Me, The Sword, Symphony X, and More

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1/17/2018. Took a couple days off. But then I got bored.

  • I haven’t heard from The Sword in a little while, so let’s start there. Their new album, Used Future, appears to be nearing release date.
  • How about Between The Buried And Me? They’ve been busy. New label: Sumerian. New album: Automata Part 1 (out March 9th). New tour: US, starting March 2nd.
  • You know who is a lot of fun? Andrew W.K. Apparently some dude got a speeding ticket while listening to a new AWK song… and AWK wants to pay the fine.
  • In today’s episode of “Holy Crap They’re Still Doing Things?”, Symphony X looks like they may try to piece together an album in the near future.
  •  Finally, here’s a video of Inter Arma doing cool things.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 11

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The guys air more grievances against the fiasco that is (or was) Mayhem Fest, then dig into new albums from Lamb of God and Symphony X. But the sh*t really hits the fan in the Heaven and Hell section, when they rip into Minnesota dentist and lion killer Walter Palmer!

All that and much, much more in Episode 11, so check it out!

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Album Review: Symphony X – “Underworld”

symphony x underworld

Symphony X is a progressive metal band, and for the majority of their two-plus decades as a band, they’ve been pretty good at that whole “progress” thing. They’ve explored time and feel changes in their songs, constructed concept pieces about works like Homer’s Odyssey or Milton’s Paradise Lost, and generally made a good effort to keep their sound fresh and captivating. Which is why album number nine, Underworld, can’t help but feel like a little bit of a let-down. Continue reading

Initial Descent: July 24’s New Releases in Brief

lamb of god band

We’re trying something new with Initial Descent this week. As you may be aware, we moved this segment to Mondays last week (covering the previous week’s new releases) to accommodate the new, industry-wide “New Release Fridays” transition. Except that arrangement meant we’d be looking back rather than forward each week, which isn’t exactly ideal.

So instead, we’re going to make these roundups a bit more current and publish them on Fridays—the day of these new releases. Then in the forthcoming week’s podcast, we’ll both cover the albums we highlight here and look ahead to the following week’s new releases, which will be dropping around the time said episode posts.

Make sense? It does to us, I swear. You’ll catch on. Anyway, here are this week’s highlights:  Continue reading

CANTO: New Cattle Decap tune, new Faith No More openers and more!

cattle decapitation band

I could not be happier for the end of this week. Let’s get into it—here’s your remaining news for the day:

  • Cattle Decapitation released a new song for Decibel‘s flexi series, called “Cannibalistic Invasivorism.” It’s not going to be on their upcoming album, but it does kick all the asses.
  • It looks like we may, finally, be nearing an end to the Morbid Angel lineup craziness. Shit. What the hell am I gonna MS Paint about now?
  • As if Refused wasn’t enough of an awesome opener for Faith No More, the band also added some dates with support from Napalm Death. Goddamn.
  • Apparently Ozzy Osbourne‘s going to be playing a gig with both Slash and Tom Morello. Nice of Slash to take a break from his pop-star collaborations and come back to the metal. (I don’t have snark for Morello. I will never have snark for Morello.)
  • And finally, ahead of their upcoming album, UnderworldSymphony X have released a lyric video for their new song, “Without You.” Check it out:

It’s been too damn long since we had any new Symphony X. I’m excited as hell for this. Underworld drops July 24 on Nuclear Blast. Anyway, that’ll do it for us! Check back tomorrow for the pod and enjoy your weekends!

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