Album Review: Kurushimi — “Return III: Death”

Kurishimi - Return III Death

Return III: Death is the third part in the Return series from Australian noise masters Kurushimi. Each prior entry in the series saw the band revisit a song from their self titled debut. Return III is no different. Here, the band revisits the track “Shinigami.” The result is a transformative work not just for the song but the band as well.

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Oleg Zalman of Artificial Brain on their new album and much more!

New York’s Artificial Brain are somewhat of an anomaly in the death metal world. Sure they’re rooted in death metal but in the blink of an eye can cover tech-death, progressive death, jazz, and noise like world class pros. Their debut Labyrinth Constellation was like stepping on a landmine of infinite sounds and follow up Infrared Horizon saw them branch out a bit and experiment with obtuse and jagged rhythms and melodies that absolutely should not go together but somehow it all just gelled. And now with their third full length, a self-titled one, it seems they’re out for blood. It’s a bit more on the death metal nose but more angular and aggressive than before. Definitely one that should be on your radar. Buke recently sat down with guitarist Oleg Zalman to dig into the ethos of the new album and of the band and how it all came together. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy.

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Allegaeon’s Riley McShane on new album “Damnum,” touring, no finish line on success, and much more!


It’s no secret that here at Nine Circles we love some Allegaeon. So, it’s obvious we had to get vocalist Riley McShane back to chat about their new album Damnum and how it came together as well as how it was to work with new blood drummer Jeff Saltzman and what he brought to the table. They also cover how touring brings the best and worst out of people, the deeply personal lyrics in the new album, attachment to albums and when to let them go, how there’s never any finish line to success and there’s always room to grow, pandemic effects on the band and their touring, not taking criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from, and gamer talk. With that said, jump in for an excellent chat via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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The Nine Circles Audio Thing: First Fragment was October 2021’s Album of the Month!

One Zero Zero, baby! Episode 100 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing is here, and after a September break the AOTM is back and covering the sophomore album from Quebec’s First Fragment, “Gloire Éternelle.” Buke rallies the troops including Hera, Ian, Angela, Vincent, and a freshly returned from the wastelands Anton (who had the pick this month) as they discuss tech death’s short shrift in the metal conversation, the joys of fretless bass, and a whole lot more concerning one of the best the genre has to offer.

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Album Review: Supreme Conception — “Empires of the Mind”

As everyone clearly knows at this point, I am pretty Technically Inclined, and my fascination for tech death has continued to grow with each month. Considering the amount of tech death I have been eyeing for the past few months, it seems that 2021 has become a good year for tech death, even with some less-than-stellar releases in its footing. However, this is not one of those pitfalls, as despite Empires of the Mind being an EP, Supreme Conception show that they are a band who clearly know exactly what they are doing.

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