Profile: Coleman Bentley of Fliege


Brooklyn’s Fliege take box office smashes and turn them into industrialistic black ‘n roll masterpieces and their latest, The Invisible Seam, comes off as epic as its subject matter, Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal. It’s always a challenge to make a project like this work AND be a project that garners a rabid fan base but Fliege has done it with their excellent attention to detail and superb skills behind their instruments. Unsettling black metal splayed across industrial rhythms and dark 80s inspired rock make for a picture perfect vision of the chosen subject and as you’ll read in the Profile answers below, multi-instrumentalist Coleman Bentley is as down to earth about it as you can get. Our very own Ian covered this album in depth so go here to read all about it but first, check out what Bentley has to offer about the band and their music. Also, don’t forget to hit those links and show them some support! Continue reading

Album Review: Fliege — “The Invisible Seam”

Fliege - The Invisible Seam

I would like to start this review by talking about, as we usually do, Jeff Goldblum.  Ever eccentric, Goldblum’s career has reached a peak of absurdity as of late, allowing his je ne sais quoi to permeate internet, TV and even metal culture.  When Brooklyn’s Fliege released their debut that was entirely based on David Cronenberg’s The Fly and featuring gratuitous samples of Goldblum, it was clear that at least part of the concept was humor.  However, deep down, the songs had merit, and on Fliege’s full-length debut, The Invisible Seam, the band shows they are way more than a joke. Continue reading