Initial Descent: September 3 – 9, 2017


Hurricanes can suck it, we’ve had enough but there’s more to come. If you’re in the path of this damn thing get yourself out of harm’s way, it’s not worth trying to pull a Captain Dan. Harsh times call for harsh music and we have plenty of that on this edition of Initial Descent. Leading the way is the UK’s Helpless with their debut full length Debt and honestly this album took me completely by surprise with a brutal mix of grind, hardcore and noise — I can’t recommend this one enough. Next up is the absolutely dark and nasty funeral doom of Usnea‘s Portals into Futility, this band never cease to amaze with their level of utter desparity. Moving on and closing out the opening spots, we have another top shelf surprise with the extremely dark black metal of Biesy on their debut full length Noc Lekkich Obyczajów and honestly this is 42 minutes that will keep you GLUED to the speakers or headphones or whatever you choose to jam it on. But as usual that’s not all so read on to find more that will inevitably become favorites with us. Continue reading

Album Review: Diabolizer – “Apokalypse”

Cover art by Robert A. von Ritter Illustrations with design and colours originated by Mentalporn.

Turkey is a land rich with history and tradition. However, not much metal has emerged from their part of the world. That changes with death metal horde Diabolizer, who have just released their debut effort care of underground vanguards Third Eye Temple — the exemplary seven track album entitled Apokalypse. Continue reading

Premier: Diabolizer debut Lyric Video for “Blood Aesthetics Dictated”

Cover art by Robert A. von Ritter Illustrations with design and colours originated by Mentalporn.
Cover art by Robert A. von Ritter Illustrations with design and colours originated by Mentalporn.

Turkish death metal clan, Diabolizer are set to release their debut MCD Apokalypse via Third Eye Temple. The folks at their PR company were kind enough to give us this lyric video that we can now share with you. Keep an eye out for the MCD in the upcoming months. For now, get ready to have your eyes, ears, taste buds, face and finger tips (and your nose) blown off by this death metal. Continue reading

Album Review: Armagh – “Venomous Frost”

Fans who thirst for 80’s and early 90’s metal might be thrilled to take a listen to Third Eye Temple’s latest release care of Polish newcomers, Armagh, and their first demo, the aptly-titled Venomous Frost.

Merging primitive, early black metal tremolo riffs with raw, catchy heavy metal riffs in the vein of early Swedish black/death metallers Necrophobic, Armagh shows a lot of promise on Venomous Frost. The band hardly blasts for long, playing a large dose of mid-tempo heavy metal paired with well-done black metal raspy singing that help fans recall a time in black metal history when the scene initially began taking shape, before bands like Emperor and Dissection added heavy doses of tremolo picking, melody and orchestral touches to what would eventually be known as second wave black metal in the mid-nineties. Continue reading

Just the Tip: April 14’s New Releases in Brief

It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Just the Tip! Here are the new releases we’ll be discussing on the podcast this week!

April 14, 2015

Outre – Ghost Chants (Godz ov War / Third Eye Temple / Essential Purification)

outre - ghost chants album cover

Outre (or their labels) haven’t yet made this thing available in full on Bandcamp, and it doesn’t appear to be on U.S. Spotify either. We’ve got a promo, so we can discuss the whole thing, but you’ll have to make do with the third track from the album, “Chant 3 – The Fall” for now.

Árstíðir lífsins – Aldaföðr ok munka dróttinn (Ván)

arstidir lifsins aldafodr ok munka drottinn

Bladecatcher – Obverse (EEE Recordings)

bladecatcher obverse album

[full review]

We’ll also have written reviews of these and other new releases here on the site throughout the week, but for now, take a listen and check back later this week for our spoken thoughts in Episode 48!

Other New Releases of Note:

  • Akhlys – The Dreaming I (Debemur Morti) [full review]
  • Abyss – Heretical Anatomy (20 Buck Spin) [full review]
  • Bosse de Nage – All Fours (Profound Lore)
  • Ides of Gemini – Carthage / Strange Fruit EP (Magic Bullet)
  • Acid King – Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (Svart)
  • Nocternity – Harps of the Ancient Temples (Iron Bonehead)
  • Gallows – Desolation Sounds (Bridge Nine)

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.