Album Review: Diabolizer – “Apokalypse”

Cover art by Robert A. von Ritter Illustrations with design and colours originated by Mentalporn.

Turkey is a land rich with history and tradition. However, not much metal has emerged from their part of the world. That changes with death metal horde Diabolizer, who have just released their debut effort care of underground vanguards Third Eye Temple — the exemplary seven track album entitled Apokalypse.

Diabolizer’s Apokalypse sounds like old-school death metal merged with some modern touches. They use blastbeats frequently, similar to Vader and Vomitory. In fact, the two aforementioned bands present a nice crossing of styles to compare Diabolizer’s music to.

Diabolizer doesn’t intend to use atmosphere and syncopated rhythms the way bands like Portal and Aevangelist do. They want to tear your face off and smash you to smithereens. Plain and simple, their music is fast, catchy and brutal. The songwriting here is excellent, slowing down only briefly in sections to pace the morphing rhythm guitar in a way that bands like Vader and Vomitory have largely failed to do as effectively and consistently throughout their careers. Be it a nice comparison to make, largely because both Vader and Vomitory are veteran bands, Diabolizer eclipses their discographies with this one album so far. If you even remotely liked Vader’s underwhelming Welcome to the Morbid Reich, Diabolizer’s Apokalypse will make you destroy that play button.

Diabolizer doesn’t sound content with a simple riff and three-chord punk chord transition to pace songs with filler segments in between quality riffs. The album sounds like a testament to carefully-laden song structure and some lightly technically-proficient play. The leads utilize plenty of guitar squeals, but do inspire some occasional air-guitar tendencies out of death metal fanatics who play guitar. Apokalypse is a fun album to bop along to, or figure out how to play.

All seven tracks are noteworthy, so I won’t complicate things with a track-by-track description of what I hear. I ask only for fans of intense, occasionally-chugging, sixth string shredding, raging death metal to check out this worthy effort. The underground is bristling with quality unappreciated acts that veteran bands going through the motions can’t match, so check this out and give Diabolizer some veneration for its accomplishments.

I really like some of the modern touches that Diabolizer incorporates into its sound. Track seven, Descend Into Desolation, has one such example in its second riff. It sounds a bit like the catchy Lamb of God during some of these moments. To be fair, don’t call this osdm meets modern death metal at all, just call it really good death metal. Period!

Growls and screams sound out in reply to one another, somewhat like Blood Red Throne does. The rhythm section is on cue and the guitars are the highlight of the slew. Third Eye Temple is off to a fine start this year, so support labels that release the best of what the underground has to offer the serious metal fan. Zero hype, one hundred percent well-executed death metal, Apokalypse raises the banner for Third Eye Temple. The band sounds bloodthirsty, and shows some serious promise here. Nevermore will mediocre death metal suffice for trve death metal fury.

– Al Necro

Apokalypse is out now on Third Eye Temple. For more information on Diabolizer, check out the band’s official Facebook page.


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