Initial Descent: November 26 – December 2, 2017


Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, we did just cross into December. Amazing right? No idea where the time goes but we’re nearing that time of year to get caught up on all the amazing stuff 2017 had to offer. Oh and yes, that header pic did make me think of Halloween too but it’s actually Irish extreme / black metallers Drakonis who are releasing their latest EP The Great Miasma this week and even though it’s only three songs it fully mesmerized me with its charred undulating rhythms and dark story line. Yes, I did get ahead of myself there but I couldn’t help it so no stopping now…next up is the debut full length, Reflections in Darkness, from Throaat who have leaned harder on the dark side of black metal here but still keep their feet firmly planted in thrash and speed. Friend of and guest contributor to this very site Jonathan Petkau is releasing the debut full length, A Peace that Destroys, from his black metal project Domestikwom and not only does it tell an extremely personal story but it also successfully intertwines folk, noise and even hardcore into the black metal fabric of the album. Filling out the top slots this week is Kingdoms Disdained from Morbid Angel that not only sees the reuniting of Trey Azagthoth and Steve Tucker but also sees a return to the kind of death metal we expect from this particular band and honestly I’m glad to hear it. I did go a little long in the tooth on this opener but fear not, there is much more metal to explore right after the jump. Continue reading

Nine Circles ov… Re-Visioned Album Art


It’s the end of the year and everyone knows what that shit means. I’ve been refusing to even think about polluting the internet with another sort of list or anything regarding the albums I’ve enjoyed for the past year, until recently. I stumbled upon this site, which is really awesome — it’s ten artists re-imagining the album art for their favorite releases from 2015. I got real stoked on it but was let down by the absolute void of any metal albums. Continue reading

Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – November 20, 2015

wake up and smell satan

I am tired. Oh so tired. You don’t know what it’s like to live for eternity. The lack of sleep can really catch up with you. Even if you are a soulless, ghoul of a being. I work tirelessly and, although I don’t technically require sleep or rest, there is an emotional toll that has been taken. Regardless, unlike you weak-willed mortals, despite my tired state I continue to do my job. I continue to kill, without mercy, your young, your infirm and your wicked. I strip the skin off of your stillborns for use as rope. For I am in league with He who controls the universe. Continue reading

Album Review: Throaat – “Black Speed”

throaat black speed

If a band’s going to close their EP with a Venom cover — especially a track like “In League with Satan” — then they’d better come correct, so to speak. Luckily for them, and for fans of blackened thrash, Brooklyn based Throaat completely back up their self-association with the inventors of the genre. Black Speed is Throaat’s most compelling release to date and definitely sets the groundwork for what should continue to be an exciting career. Continue reading