Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – November 20, 2015

wake up and smell satan

I am tired. Oh so tired. You don’t know what it’s like to live for eternity. The lack of sleep can really catch up with you. Even if you are a soulless, ghoul of a being. I work tirelessly and, although I don’t technically require sleep or rest, there is an emotional toll that has been taken. Regardless, unlike you weak-willed mortals, despite my tired state I continue to do my job. I continue to kill, without mercy, your young, your infirm and your wicked. I strip the skin off of your stillborns for use as rope. For I am in league with He who controls the universe.

It has recently come to my attention that Brooklyn hipsters Throaat have covered a track by the immortal Venom on their new EP, Black Speed. While I may be a bit behind in finding this fact out I am nonetheless perturbed. Venom has long been friends with our Dark Lord. I am often not a fan of cover tracks and this is no different. In fact, this is downright offensive. For the band Throaat has no relationship with Satan. Thus, they have made a mortal flaw pretending to be on the same level as the unholiest of Venom. Thus, with my anger aflow, here is the one and only original “In League With Satan” by Venom.

I’m in a league with Satan, I am the masters own
I drink the juice of women as they lie alone
I’m in a league with Satan, I bear the devils mark
I kill the new born baby, tear the infants flesh

– Ritual Grim


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