Album Review: Lo-Pan – “In Tensions” (EP)


We all have our sweet spot. That trigger point where drums, guitar, bass and vocals come together to strike that hidden part of you, the place you hide from others, the synapse that only fires when the perfect combination hits, and thank the Metal Gods for that because when it hits me I jump up and start dancing and shaking my head like an utter fool.

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Album Review: Torche – “Restarter”


If you listen to as much sludge and doom as we do in a typical month here at Horns Up, you’ll know that the occasional, pace-changer becomes a very welcome occurrence. When you’re left beaten, bruised and weirded out by a sea of slow, often-depressing jams, it’s kind of refreshing to hear new stuff from a band like Torche every now and again. Since forming a decade ago, the Miami quartet’s made its name by taking the basic sonic qualities of these subgenres and…wrong as this term might sound here…brightening them up a bit. The band continues this streamlined, “spit-shining” approach in full force on their new fourth album, Restarter—an absolute breeze of a record and one of the most purely fun listens you’ll have this year.

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