The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Traveler’s Matt Ries on upcoming album “Termination Shock,” touring at the outset of a pandemic, recording at home, and so much more!


In a year’s time, Canada’s Traveler have become a household name for heavy metal fans and are set to release their sophomore effort Termination Shock a month from now. Plainly put, it is yet another example of how necessary traditional heavy metal is in today’s terms. We all need a reason to jump, cheer, and throw the horns right now and this band, and new album, is reason for all this. The band’s self titled debut was a tour-de-force last year and this one eclipses it by a mile with better instrumentation, better songwriting and deeper references realized that us old heads hold so dear and that new fans will be over the moon for. So, head below for the details.
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Embracing the Descent: March 8 – 14, 2020


Welcome back to another edition of Embracing the Descent and another opportunity to see a post that’s been collecting dust for quite some time but will give you reason to second glance the albums contained within. Quick recap: brief discussion on a handful (small handful) of the current week’s new releases that stood out for whatever reason and maybe, from time to time, a week behind or whatever.  Jump in and don’t forget to check out the full listing from Monday’s Initial Descent Continue reading

Album Review: Sumerlands – “Sumerlands”

Sumerlands - Sumerlands

Any late 80’s metal connoisseur will be thrilled with Sumerlands debut full length Sumerlands. But that’s not fair to everyone else so let’s just say the guitar wizardry and soaring vocals at the core of this album will illicit nods all across the metal nation, and beyond for that matter. A bit over the top? Maybe. But, it’s been a while since something as simple as a band flat out ruling 30-plus minutes sounded so good. And they do it with zero theatrics, showboating or endless noodling. Continue reading

Album Review: Night Viper – “Night Viper”

Night Viper - Night Viper

Swedish five piece Night Viper make a strong case for crashing the ‘best of 2015’ lists with their full length debut Night Viper. It’s a raucous, rowdy tip of the hat to early thrash and speed metal while incorporating the NWOBHM sound. Despite Night Viper drawing influences heavily from history, the band draws its success from the way they incorporate those sounds and influences into something exciting, fresh and new. Continue reading

Album Review: Magic Circle – “Journey Blind”


However motivated it may be by irony, nostalgia, or a mix of both, it’s hard to deny that that the “retro renaissance” in metal—whether in doom, death, thrash, or traditional heavy metal—has produced some noteworthy material from bands who aren’t just flogging the corpse of yesteryear. One such outfit is Magic Circle. After making waves with their self-titled 2013 debut, the Boston-based quintet return with sophomore effort Journey Blind, an album that, while definitely not earning points for originality, is still a fun, engaging, and catchy amalgam of traditional doom metal, NWOBHM, and hard rock. Continue reading